How to Become Instagram Influencer in 7 Easy Steps

The userbase of social media is increasing gradually and so is the demand for Instagram influencers and bloggers. Do you know that in 2018, brands spent almost $5.6 billion on influencer marketing and the number continues to rise day by day? With an increasing number of users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and different platforms, what we also encounter is an increasing number of influencers.

Instagram is all about a creative feed and visual story, more and more creators aim to be Instagram influencers and take this content creation platform as a serious career.

Do you want to be a famous Instagram influencer and get those brand deals just like how the well-known Instagrammers are doing? We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll take you through an easy guide on how to become an Instagram influencer and make it a serious source of income.

How to Become Instagram Influencer in 7 Easy Steps

How to Become Instagram Influencer

To become a successful Instagram influencer, you must get the basics right before you start into the steps of becoming an influencer. Creating visual content that is engaging enough, with a beautiful feed, and responsive followers is something that you’ll have to work on. Remember, aesthetics is everything when it comes to being an Instagram influencer.

1.Know your Niche

Choosing a niche helps you to stick to one topic and the followers who would relate to that. For example, if you like posting daily #ootds or want to be a fashion influencer, you know that your niche is fashion. Hence, the audience that you’ll receive as followers would be fashion addicts who would love your fashion sense and would appreciate/engage in it.

How to Become Instagram Influencer Step1: Know your Niche

2.Write an Interesting Bio

Bio is the first thing that will grab your visitor’s attention, so it’s recommendable to keep a catchy bio that everybody would love to read. Make your followers curious to know more about you, that is when they’ll engage!

3.Design Your Feed Creatively

Instagram is a visual platform. To be an influencer on Instagram, capturing good pictures and maintaining an aesthetic feed is crucial. Your pictures must also have storytelling that would engage your audience to like and share your photos. Keeping the bottom line in mind, keep your feed as creative as you can!

4.Choose the Right Hashtags

Hashtags play a vital role in ranking your pictures. Put hashtags that relate the most. Instagram allows you to put 30 hashtags at a time, so create a balance between large-scale hashtags and medium ones to get found. (How to use Instagram Hashtags in 2021 to get more followers).

5.Post Consistently

A lot of Instagram influencers have mentioned that posting pictures on a regular basis have actually helped them more audience and more engagement. If you’re somebody who would not post on daily basis you can also schedule your post on alternative days or as you please. There are apps like Tailwind, Later, and Buffer that help you to schedule your posts as you please.

6.Switch to Business Account

A business account helps you to give insight into your followers” data, the most engaging period, men and women ratio, the age boundaries of your audience that will eventually help you schedule your post to get maximum engagement and create more relatable content for your viewers. It helps you to analyze your audience.

7.Collaborate With Brands & Other Influencers

Collaboration helps you to boost your audience in many ways. When you collaborate with active Instagram influencers you also get visible to their audience that helps you to get noticed. Similarly, when you collaborate with brands, you not only get featured in the brands’ audience but also other brands notice you for your work which would lead to more paid brand deals which will become your ultimate source of income eventually.


Becoming an Instagram influencer doesn’t really happen overnight, it takes a lot of creativity, hard work, and dedication that is involved into becoming an influencer on Instagram but what matters the most is to be consistent.

Once you start getting brand deals you can easily earn somewhere starting from $75 to $3000 per post. You can also join platforms like Flytant, Influencer, Monk Entertainment, Grin, Insight pool, few Instagram marketing agencies that help you get more brand deals that would depend on the number of followers and engagement % you have.

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