30 Famous Indian Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Indian Fashion bloggers play a vital role in building up our day-to-day fashion choices. Back in 2006, Fashion blogging was a bizarre term in India.

People wanted to write about fashion but the security of getting a continuous source of income was less. All thanks to Indian Fashion bloggers for making Fashion affordable and popular. 

Coming to the present, Fashion blogging has become one of the top desirable career choices for fashion enthusiasts.

With a rich and diverse culture, India offers a wealth of fashion trends, styles, and designs that are being displayed to a global audience by the country’s fashion bloggers. 

Indian fashion bloggers use their platforms to promote sustainable fashion, present historic and contemporary Indian designs, and experiment with new styles and trends. Indian fashion bloggers are impacting the fashion industry and inspiring fashion aficionados worldwide with their originality, experience, and passion.

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Instagram is full of fashion bloggers who create daily #ootds, event-based looks, fashion series, style tips, hacks, and a lot more.

Being fashionable was never this easy nor approaching fashion brands!

List of Famous Indian Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2023

Want to get inspired by the ruling Fashion Bloggers in India?

Here’s a list of Indian Fashion Bloggers who’ve carved their way into being the top fashion influencers with their amazing content creation that you’ll love to check on.

Akanksha Redhu@akanksharedhu
Santoshi Shetty@santoshishetty
Komal Pandey@komalpandeyofficial
Masoom Minawala Mehta@masoomminawala
Juhi Godambe@JuhiGodambe
Kritika Khurana@thatbohogirl
Sejal Kumar@sejalkumar1995
Roshni Bhatia@thechiquefactor
Aashna Shroff@aashnashroff
Riya Jain@caughtinacuff
Dolly Singh@dollysingh
Siddharth Batra@siddharth93batra
Upalina Gupta@upalina_gupta
Shraddha Gurung@lilmissgurung
Cherry Jain@cherryjainofficial
Gia Kashyap@giasaysthat
Shaurya Sanadhya@shauryasanadhya
Akriti Rana@aakritiranaofficial
Usaamah Siddiqui@usaamahsiddique
Karron Dhingra@theformaledit
Diipa Khosla@diipakhosla
Sakshi Sindwani@stylemeupwithsakshi
Magali Vaz@Magali_c
Rizwan Bachav@Rizwanbachav
Devina Malhotra@Guiltybytes
Natasha Luthra@Natasha.Luthra
Vitrag Mehta@Thestyledweller
Larissa D’Sa@Larissa_wlc
Debasree Banerjee @Debasree

1. Akanksha Redhu

A fashion blogger based in Delhi, Akanksha Redhu is one of the oldest fashion bloggers started in 2010. She posts about Luxury Fashion, lifestyle, and travel and has collaborated with numerous high-end brands to diversify her portfolio. With 174k Instagram followers, check out her latest updates on her link below.

2. Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi Shetty is an Indian fashion influencer from Mumbai who was initially an architecture student and runs a blog named The Style Edge. With a huge Instagram fanbase of 739k, Santoshi Shetty talks of vintage quirky fashion with a tinge of minimalism we all love.

3. Komal Pandey

Things You Need to Know About Komal Pandey

Who doesn’t know Komal Pandey? Starting her career with a fashion blog, then working with Popxo as a Fashion Content Creator, and then starting her youtube channel, this Indian fashion influencer is known for the multi-way styling of one product, affordable and reusable fashion. With a fanbase of One million on Instagram, she’s a pioneer of the #fashiontherapy series that she still follows on Instagram.

4. Masoom Minawala Mehta

The owner of The Style Fiesta, she’s one of the oldest Indian fashion bloggers. Her style is trendy, unique, vivid, and vibrant dealing with leading fashion and accessory brands. She also runs a youtube channel with the same name and she truly believes that genuineness is the key that keeps her going.

5. Juhi Godambe

Juhi Godambe is one of the leading Fashion influencers in India. Apart from running her blog but also the founder of a high street clothing brand named “Arabella.” Being a fashion enthusiast she attended the London College of fashion and her blog was also featured in The Peacock Magazine.

6. Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana is also one of the leading fashion influencers in India who runs a blog by the name “That Boho Girl”. Her fashion talks about everything bohemian, quirky, and colorful, and also runs a youtube channel by the same name. With over 1.1 million followers on Instagram, Kritika Khurana talks about achievable fashion with a tinge of Indian touch.

7. Sejal Kumar

Being one of the leading fashion bloggers in India, Sejal Kumar started her youtube channel 6 years back. She makes Fashion, lifestyle, and travel videos and is currently the brand ambassador of The Beauty Co. brand. She’s been associated with a lot of fashion and lifestyle brands and recently dropped her new song, #khalikhali.

8. Roshni Bhatia

ROSHNI BHATIA Wiki, Net Worth, Career | Fashionfrill

Roshni Bhatia is an Indian Luxury Beauty Blogger and Youtuber. She started her journey from being a fashion producer at Popxo later creating her Instagram blog “Thechiquefactor” and a youtube channel of the same name. She’s a mom of a 12-year-old son and we cannot see her journey of beauty blogging.

9. Aashna Shroff

Aashna Shroff is an Indian Fashion Blogger for Luxury fashion and lifestyle. She’s born on August 4, 1993. She started initially with a fashion blog named The Snob Journal and sold garments online on Facebook. She’s also done courses for Interior design, photography, and a degree in fashion from the London School of Trends.

10. Riya Jain

Riya Jain is an Indian Fashion Blogger who was the owner of Caught in a Cuff in 2014. She was born on 8 October 1993 and specialized in management studies. Her blog is about her style and we adore how cute she looks in every other outfit she curates.

11. Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh wiki

Dolly Singh started her career while pursuing her master’s in Fashion as she started a fashion blog named “Spill the Sass”. Later, she started working as a content creator for Idiva which helped her rise to fame. Parallelly, her comedy content was also getting appreciated. Currently, she’s contributing to Netflix’s show “Behensplaining” and has also made a mini web series with Swara Bhaskar named “Bhaag Beanie Bhaag”

12. Siddharth Batra

Siddharth Batra Instagram Reels fashion inspiration

Siddharth Batra is a style editor at MensXP and an Instagram Men’s Fashion Blogger who’s also won Cosmo fashion influencer of the Year 2021. He’s worked with Elanstreet, Tata Cliq, etc as a features writer before he joined MensXP and blew Instagram with his offbeat menswear style.

13. Upalina Gupta

Upalina Gupta

Upalina Gupta is a senior stylist and wardrobe consultant at PopXo.com and was working with Aaj Tak as a wardrobe stylist. She’s completed her fashion studies from Pearl Academy and has been with Popxo for more than 3 years now.

14. Shraddha Gurung

Shraddha Gurung

Shraddha Gurung is a fashion and beauty blogger who started her career with a blog named Little Miss Gurung after completing her education in English Literature. She worked as a Beauty Blogger for Popxo approx 3 years and currently, she runs a youtube channel that talks about fashion, beauty, and mental health.

15. Cherry Jain

Cherry Jain

Cherry Jain started her blog after passing out from Delhi University, named Muchtoomuch.com. Soon after she got a chance to be a part of PopXo daily with Komal Pandey and Shraddha Gurung. Currently, she’s launched an affordable brand for women named Shop Damera.

16. Gia Kashyap

A sucker for Fashion and Art, Gia Kashyap runs a fashion blog named “Giasaysthat”. Started her journey as a graphic designer at the age of 15, while also starting a T-shirt business at 18, and at 21 she got a push when she worked as a fashion columnist for a fashion publication! She’s worked with many brands in her blog since then!

17. Shaurya Sanadhya

Shaurya Sanadhya is the owner of the youtube channel “Pretty little things” along with her best friend Akriti Rana. Being a fashion and makeup enthusiast, she also runs a clothing label of the same name. She also has a beauty channel of her name too.

18. Akriti Rana

Akriti Rana is the owner of the youtube channel “Pretty little things” along with her best friend Shaurya Sanadhya. She is a fashion and makeup enthusiast who writes fashion and beauty content online. She has worked with designers, luxury brands, and international brands and has a self-named youtube channel as well.

19. Houseofmisu

Run by Mitali and Summiya, two best friends started Houseofmisu which is one of the prominent fashion blogs in India. They are an inspiration to many young bloggers these days

20. Usaamah Siddiqui

Usaamah Siddiqui is one of the prominent men’s style bloggers in India. His creativity and sense of style are truly inspiring to a lot of young men. As he runs his own clothing line “The Dapper Label”, he’s a known personality amongst celebrities too.

21. Karron Dhingra

Karron Dhingra is a men’s fashion influencer, an Instagram star, and a Youtuber where he shares men’s fashion tricks and hacks being the style inspiration. He’s one of the most influential bloggers amongst men.

22. Diipa Khosla

Diipa Khosla is an Indian fashion and beauty blogger who owns the cosmetic brand ” Inde Wild”. Started being a social media manager in Amsterdam, she started her journey in social after completing her Law studies and started her website with the same name.

23. Sakshi Sindwani

Sakshi Sindwani is an Indian fashion blogger who runs a youtube channel “StyleMeUpWithSakshi” and rose to fame as she walked for Lakme Fashion Week. Her youtube channel consists of fashion and beauty DIYs and lifestyle vlogs.

24. Magali Vaz

Magali Vaz’s unusual sense of style has resulted in a distinct appearance that has gained her many followers for her beauty blog. She feels that beauty is self-expression and that studying the history of beauty, particularly in the twentieth century, is crucial.

Magali is not just a beauty influencer, but also a talented videographer and vlogger. Check out her Instagram account for frank, vibrant, and energizing commentary on her lifestyle.

25. Rizwan Bachav

Rizwan Bachav, one of the greatest male lifestyle influencers and the winner of Parcos’ Male Indian Influencer of the Year for 2021-22, fires jabs at competing female influencers! Rizwan has earned a name for himself among his peers, with 122K followers on his social media platform.

This top Indian influencer has a keen interest in luxury lifestyle items, vehicles, watches, and real estate. His many male and female fans are curious about what he lives for.

26. Devina Malhotra

GuiltyBytes was founded by Devina Malhotra. She encourages her audience to love their bodies, regardless of their shape or age. She is active and ambitious on Instagram as part of her artistic work, where she provides tips, vlogs, and life hacks in addition to her beauty-related work.

27. Natasha Luthra

This Influencer is always looking for fantastic content to post beneath the area headings Fashion, Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Luxury. Natasha’s fame stems from her use of high-quality photographs and information. Many companies have opted to cooperate with her because of her large following of over 284K followers.

28. Vitrag Mehta

Vitrag Mehta is a company owner and Indian influencer who writes lifestyle material. He is also known for his Instagram handle, “thestyledweller,” where he has 137K followers. Mehta co-founded The Conch apparel line with his business partner Swathi Enjamuri.

29. Larissa D’Sa

Larissa’s experience as a YouTuber and influencer teaching women how to be fit, trendy, and passionate is inspiring. Larissa has a diverse portfolio of inspirational material (beauty, travel, art, and DIY) that keeps her audience engaged. Her page is flooded with inspirational information, and she has a charming personality to match.

30. Debasree Banerjee 

Debasree’s Instagram profile is best described by panache and innovative thinking. Nothing fails to wow her followers, from her eye makeup looks and tutorials to her fitness gear. Debasree’s unique perspectives on beauty and makeup are well-received by her admirers. With over 300,000 followers, Debasree is the Indian beauty influencer to follow for practical and quick makeup techniques.

India is a diverse country, a place where the cultural attires change every few kilometers, the scope of becoming a fashion blogger and experimenting more with Indian and Western fashion is quite achievable.

Not only that Fashion blogging leads to new start-up ideas and brands, but this career has also ended up bringing more success stories giving a sense of freedom from doing a regular 9-5 job.

From the above list, this is quite clear that Indian Fashion Bloggers are making quite a huge amount of money, which drives an unexpected but good change in the perception of Indian society where unconventional jobs are a nay.

So now, Let me ask you a question. Who amongst all the above fashion bloggers is famous for her #fashiontherapy series?

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