Top Interior Designers in New York in 2023

Interior design in New York City has a long and illustrious history. Early in the 20th century, Elsie de Wolf collaborated with Gotham’s aristocracy, creating designs for the Vanderbilts, the Morgans, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. 

Innovative thinkers from all over the world have always been drawn to the city to create the largest-budget projects. 

The best companies continuing New York City’s legacy of defining global interior trends are represented on this list of designers. 

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Best Interior Designers in New York in 2023

Whether you’re a design student or a client looking for a makeover, we list the best Interior designers in New York to get inspired.

1. Anastasios Gliatis

The history of interior design in New York City is rich. The Vanderbilts, the Morgans, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were among Elsie de Wolf’s early 20th-century clients in Gotham, and she also designed for other wealthy families including the Vanderbilts and the Morgans. To create the most expensive constructions, the city has always attracted the most creative minds from around the globe. The top companies on this list of interior designers are maintaining New York City’s legacy of establishing international interior design trends.

2. Bunny Williams

One of the top interior designers in the country is Bunny Williams. After 20 years of employment with a decorating firm, Parish-Hadley Associates, she founded her interior design business in 1988. Additionally, Bunny introduced the Bunny Williams Home line of furniture and accessories (including side tables, lamps, chairs, case pieces, upholstery, mirrors, and coffee and drinks tables). She has been co-owning a garden furniture and ornament store in New York for thirty years with antique dealer John Rosselli, expanding her passion for design outside of interior spaces.

3. Cenk Fikri

Cenk Fikri Inc. is a full-service hospitality design & consultancy studio with its main office in New York. The entrepreneur, Cenk Fikri, has a true passion for hospitality projects with all the audacious qualities one could think of. Since most of the projects are customized, you’ll always have originality in every detail since he can replicate the amusing culture and greatest extravagance of New York City in every project. In the Playboy project that is displayed, we can see that the designer’s objective was to accurately portray the Playboy lifestyle in his design.

4. Champalimaud Design

Some of the most well-known private and hospitality projects in the world were developed by Champalimaud Design. The premier design firm, which Alexandra Champalimaud founded, has made it its life’s work to reflect through exceptional design the unique character of each location. They have been successful in managing and completing numerous relationships with prestigious clients to build some of the most distinctive assets in the world, translating context and heritage into engrossing tales and experiences.

5.  David Kleinberg

One of the most reputable names in interior design is David Kleinberg. Kleinberg has accumulated a body of work that is diverse in style but consistently modern in sensibility throughout a thirty-year career with projects that span the globe. Whether aggressively inspired or delicately nuanced, Kleinberg’s interiors are above all clean-lined, elegant, and closely tailored to each client’s lifestyle.

6. Geoffrey Bradfield Inc.

Bradfield specializes in building lavish, opulent, and audacious homes and offices. The extensive design renovation of the Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney residence in Old Westbury, Long Island, and the restoration of the late King Hussein’s mansion in Maryland are two examples of projects for Fortune 500 clients included in this list. It was upgraded to the Starwood Luxury Collection after his recent refurbishment of the 200-room Equinox Resort in Vermont. Oliver Stone’s famed Hollywood home in New York was recently designed by Bradfield. Tokyo, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Dubai, and Jerusalem are among the current global initiatives.

7. Jayne Design Studio, Inc.

Thomas Jayne’s interior design work is known for its strong sense of location and time. In search of nuances that would enrich and enliven their interior decoration, he finds inspiration in their history. Whether the site is a Soho loft in a late 19th-century industrial building or a historic Federal home erected by a New England whale magnate, the settings become part of the plot, with their histories serving as the inspiration for the design.

8. Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is a potter, designer, and writer. He is the owner of a design business that produces pottery, furniture, rugs, stationery, and other items to bring “grooviness to your house.” designing opulent decor for places like the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas and the Parker Palm Springs Hotel. In 1993, Adler debuted his first ceramic line at Barneys New York. Five years later, he made the transition to home goods and opened his first eponymous store in Manhattan. Mid-century modern, fine art and international popular culture served as Adler’s sources of inspiration.

9. Ryan Korban

In New York and around the United States of America, Ryan Korban is one of the most well-liked and in-demand interior designers. Although Korban was born in Philadelphia, his professional path exploded there, and he showed some of his most striking design pieces there. New York is the capital city of American design. Recently, Korban has emerged as a prominent figure in the design world, and ever since his high-end debut, his designs and personal style have been making news in the world’s top design publications.

10. Betty Wasserman

Betty Wasserman is a celebrated interior designer in New York who produces elegant rooms both in the city and in the Hamptons. She was a private art dealer before beginning her design profession in 1996; 50 artists are still under her representation today. She frequently incorporates their creations into her projects as a result, using them as inspiration for the design of her distinctively elegant yet livable rooms.

11. Jeffrey Beers International

hey, are capable of being among the greatest in interior design. Precision and emotion, as well as traditional methods and modern design, are the key ingredients in the exquisite and contemporary settings that Jeffrey Beers International creates. They merit a spot on our list of the Top Interior Designers in New York as a result, in our opinion.

12. Rockwell Group 

This 250-person architecture and design firm focuses on hospitality, culture, healthcare, and education and was founded by David Rockwell, one of the Best Interior Designers in the world. They recently finished building a high-end, residents-only recreation center for New York’s Waterline Square. A multidisciplinary approach and years of experience immediately contribute to the best in the field of interior design. 

13. Bradfield & Tobin 

The prestigious, high-end interior design firm Bradfield & Tobin is based in New York City and specializes in designing the most magnificent rooms in the world. They are renowned for their ability to upscale and luxuriously polish any setting. Because of this, they are true design inspirations and are listed among our Top Interior Designers.

14. Erika Flugger

NYC Interior Design, which Erika Flugger founded in 2010, is its principal. She had been working in luxury design for 15 years before she founded her company. Thus, Erika has gained a reputation for designing luxurious interiors as a result of her experience. In addition, Erika and her team create exquisite rooms that complement the homeowner’s lifestyle and raise the value of the home through first-rate design services.

15. Glenn Gissler

Glenn Gissler’s interiors stand out above the rest for their livability. In addition to being cozy, these spaces are also chic and thoughtfully individual. Glenn is a well-known interior designer in New York as a result of this. So much so that his work has been highlighted in numerous prestigious magazines, including Town & Country, LUXE, and the New York Times. Additionally, he continues to study interior design, thereby increasing his understanding of the field.

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