Best Japanese Instagram Influencers in 2023

Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used social networking sites in Japan in 2023. It makes sense that you would want to know who the top content producers/ influencers on the site are given the volume of usage.

Utilize these social media influencers to fully immerse yourself in Japanese culture as we list the best Japanese Instagram Influencers.

Look at some of our favorite influencers if you’re thinking about visiting Japan. They will be delighted to inform and amuse you about Japan’s rich culture.

Here is the updated top 20 Japanese Instagram influencers list for 2023, which follows the top lists of Korean fashion bloggers we’ve curated.

1. Nozomi Sasaki

Sasaki started out as a model at the young age of 14. She primarily models for clothing and beauty companies. She has routinely appeared in over ten television shows and over twenty television ads since 2009.

She regularly posts about her everyday activities, product reviews, and modeling images on Instagram, where she is also active. She also only collaborates with Fancl and Intimate One Mile.

2. Rola

Rola began her career as a fashion model for the Japanese Popteen and Vivi magazines before participating in the Tokyo Girls Collection show. She is renowned for her distinctive beauty, which can be attributed to her mixed heritage—Russian, Japanese, and Bangladeshi.

Rola is well-known on Instagram, where she frequently publishes her modeling photos and customer evaluations. High-end companies like YSL Beauty, Louis Vuitton, and Stella McCartney selected her to represent them.

3. Tomomi Morisaki

Both a gravure model and a well-liked YouTuber, Morisaki Tomomi. Tomomi joined OSU when she first began her career. She currently performs in TV dramas, commercials, and other programs.

She shares pictures of herself modeling, workout regimens, and paid collaborations with some companies, including Dior, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton, on her Instagram profile.

4. Kento Yamazaki

A well-known Japanese actor and model are Kento Yamazaki. He presently enjoys widespread recognition for his pivotal performance as Ryohei Arisu in the Netflix adaptation of Alice in Borderland. Two seasons of the television show are planned.

He gives glimpses into his film sets and details of his daily life as a famous actor on his Instagram feed. Some of the companies that have collaborated with Kento Yamazaki include Kagome and Armani Exchange.

5. Enako

Voice actor Enako is well-recognized for her enthusiasm for cosplay. With eye-catching photos, Enako often blogs about her experiences in the cosplay community.

She blogs in addition to using Instagram frequently. She frequently uploads images of herself as well-known anime characters to her page. Samsung, Softymo, and Ettusais are just a few of the many companies she has worked with.

6. Kasumi Arimura

A well-known actress from Japan is Kasumi Arimura. Since then, Kasumi has established herself as one of the most well-liked actresses in Japan, having acted in more than 40 movies and television shows. The list of Japanese actresses with the most commercial appearances frequently includes Kasumi.

She also collaborates with businesses on online marketing initiatives. Liniere and Andrea Lev were previously featured on her Instagram feed.

7. Imada Mio

Imada Mio is a model and actress from Fukuoka, Japan. She received the honor of being named the “Prettiest Girl in Fukuoka” in 2015 from a nearby advertising firm. Her acting and modeling careers then began to flourish.

Imada Mio, who is well-known on Instagram, has collaborated with well-known companies including Loewe, Micho, and Uniqlo.

8. Peco Tetsuko Okuhira

Tetsuko Okuhira, better known by her stage name Peco, became well-known through modeling. She is a well-known fashion YouTuber in Japan as well. On her official blog, Cotton Candy, Peco also enjoys writing about her life experiences.

Peco posts about her daily activities, beauty techniques, and ideas for mixing and matching outfits on her feed. In addition to running her own company, Peco Club, she has also worked for companies like Nutty Room and Daiso.

9. Mirei Kiritani

Sayasa Matsuoka, better known by her stage name Mirei Kiritani, is a well-known news anchor, model, and actress from Japan. She has acted in dramas and films in the past. She also portrayed the main character in the Atelier Netflix original series.

Mirei Kiritani shares some of her collaborations with companies like Celine, Gucci, Dior, and Harpo Paris on her Instagram feed.

10. Haruna Kojima

A former singer turned model turned actress, Haruna Kojima is from Japan. She became well-known by joining the idol group AKB48. Since 2007, Kojima has been aggressively pursuing a potential acting career. She has made multiple cameos in a variety of dramas and motion pictures.

She enjoys sharing her personal style, travel images, and product suggestions on her Instagram feed. International companies including Fendi, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton have employed her.

11.Tomohiro Yamashita

Waseda University student Yamashita studies communications and computer engineering. His YouTube channel and Instagram stories were where he posted the cuisine and travel videos that brought him renown. He enjoys blogging about the routine of a college student in Japan. His Instagram followers are also given access to his travel experiences.

12. Fumino Kimura

Actress Fumino Kimura is from Tokyo, Japan. Run 60 (2011), The Little House (2010), and The Fable: The Killer Who Doesn’t Kill (2021) all contributed to her rise to fame (2014). Kimura utilizes social media sites like Instagram. She enjoys cooking and posts cooking tips on her feed to share her enthusiasm.

13. Anne Nakamura

Anne Nakamura is a model for fashion magazines and a frequent guest on television shows. In addition to modeling for keirin, she was a member of G Race in 2010. Results from the Lespas fitness awareness survey also indicate that Nakamura is first among women with the “perfect body.”

14. Riisa Naka

Since Naka Riisa’s grandfather was Swedish, she is one-quarter Swedish and three-quarters Japanese. Acting is how Naka became well-known. The films Hachi One Diver (2008) and Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, in which Naka starred, helped him gain fame (2010).

She gives her followers access to her Instagram feed where she posts about her everyday activities and recommends products. She is renowned for her bold, colorful dress choices.

15. Tina Tamashiro

Tina Tamashiro is a Japanese-American model and actress. Tamashiro was born to an American father and a Japanese mother. Tamashiro won the Kodansha-sponsored Miss iD 2013 Grand Prix in July 2012. Tamashiro later appeared in fashion magazines and served as an exclusive model for Vivi.

On her Instagram page, she likes to post her fashion styling photos and product reviews. Besides acting and modeling, she works with a few high-end brands such as Celine, Gucci, and Miumiu.

16. Asami Mizukawa

Actress Asami Mizukawa made her acting debut in a 1997 television commercial for Asahi Kasei’s “Hebel Haus” when she was just thirteen years old. At the “3rd Miss Tokyo Walker” competition in 2001, she took home the Grand Prix. She has since made several appearances in movies, television shows, and advertisements.

17. Masami Nagasawa

Actress and model Masami Nagasawa are from Japan. Acting and modeling were how she rose to fame. She has received numerous honors, including the Japan Academy Prize, the Mainichi Film Award, and the Blue Ribbon Award. On her Instagram feed, Nagasawa frequently posts photos and videos of her daily activities. 

18. Naomi Watanabe

Over ten years ago, Naomi became well-known in Japan thanks to her flawless Beyoncé impersonation. She appeals to a global audience by using humor to promote body positivity. Presently, she can be seen on the covers of Elle Singapore and Vogue Japan.

For her honesty, originality, and morality, Naomi is renowned. Millions of people follow her on Instagram, and during the Japan lockdown, she had a significant increase in Instagram engagement.

19. Kasumi Arimura

The well-known Japanese actress Kasumi Arimura. As one of the most well-known actresses in Japan, Kasumi has appeared in more than 40 movies and television shows. The actresses with the most commercial appearances in Japan are frequently listed, and Kasumi is one among them.

20. Kiko Mizuhara

In 2003, Kiko Mizuhara began her career as a model for Seventeen Japan. After winning Karl Lagerfeld’s favor, she was a part of Chanel’s short films.

Fashion, according to Kiko, is about wearing for one’s own personal satisfaction rather than to satisfy others. This is evident in her imaginative Instagram postings, where her artistic flair and inventiveness stand out.

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