Top 28 Popular Korean Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow

There are a lot of Korean beauty bloggers who’ve inspired us to start our beauty blog and have taught us the new-age way of adapting beauty trends. South Korea is known to be ahead of time be it technology, fashion, or anything random that you pick, oh yeah, by that I mean tik to viral videos too!

28 Korean Beauty Bloggers need to follow 

Now that we know why we’re in love with Korean beauty in general, let’s list down 28 such Korean beauty bloggers that you must follow.

Charlotte Cho@charlottejcho
Alice Chan@alicechanwai
Jen Chae@frmheadtotoe
Emily Quak@emilyquak
Pony’s Beauty Diary@ponysmakeup
Liah Yoo@liahyoo
Angel 김엔젤@beautifymeeh
Dasha Kim@dahyeshka
Erna Limdaugh@erna_limdaugh
Hello Pretty by Subin@hello.subin
Fei Ying@heyitsfeiii
Joan Kim@joanday
Kwak tori@kwaktori
Jeniffer Harn @meejmuse
Michelle Choi@michellechoii
So Young@soyoung0201
Sunny’s Channel@sunnychannel
Sunny Dahye@sunnydahye
Yoon Charmi@YoonCharmi

1. Charlotte Cho

Charlotte Cho Korean Beauty Bloggers

Charlotte Cho is a South Korean American beauty blogger who’s the most updated on beauty trends and techniques. She promotes K-beauty and has a lot of makeup and skincare reviews. Apart from just being a beauty blogger, she’s also an entrepreneur as she’s co-founded Soko Glam, a K-beauty in America.

2. Alice Chan

ALICE-CHAN Korean Beauty Bloggers

Alice Chan is a Korean beauty blogger who runs a successful beauty blog Inspire me Korea. This blog also features Korean Culture Box that covers Korean fashion, beauty, lifestyle, K-pop culture, and its merchandise, etc. Are you interested to learn more about Korean culture in general? This is the destination you should head to.

3. Jen Chae

Jen-Chae Korean Beauty Bloggers

Jen Chae is the more humble, impressive, and talented Korean beauty blogger you’ll ever see. She’s so good with easy and simple makeup and skincare routine that even if you’re a beginner, you would want to love the stuff she suggests. Moreover, she also records the ups and downs of her life which connects her audience to her so beautifully.

4. Emily Quak

Emily-Quak Korean Beauty Bloggers

Although Emily Quak is from Malaysia, her beauty blog is all about Korean beauty regimes, makeup, and skin care techniques that you will love. She’s great with new makeup and skincare reviews and she also reviews Asian supplements sometimes.

5. PONY Syndrome

Ponys-Beauty-Diary Korean Beauty Bloggers

Pony’s beauty diary is one of the most popular Korean beauty bloggers so far. She’s a makeup artist originally so everything creative is what to expect from her. You will get a variety of makeup tips and recreation from celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, etc.

6. Lamuqe

LAMUQE Korean Beauty Bloggers

Are you looking for a step-by-step makeup tutorial and skincare guide? Lamuqe is the beauty vlogger you must refer to. She’s also good with Korean fashion and haircare so this is an overall package that you can subscribe to!


SSIN Korean Beauty Bloggers

SSIN is the quirky and vibrant Korean beauty blogger so far. Not only that you’ll get a variety of aesthetics, but she’s also very famous for her K-pop girl group transformation and K-pop boy transformations! Once you watch her, you’re most likely to get addicted to her content!

8. Jella

Jella Korean Beauty Bloggers

Jella is all about makeup tutorials, and skincare routines and she also vlogs a lot of her interesting experiences that one loves to enjoy on her channel. Jella has experienced a lot of hormonal acne in her life so you can trust her as a guide to skincare routine referring to that.

9. Liah Yoo

LIAH-YOO Korean Beauty Bloggers

Liah Yoo is one of the most talented YouTubers and Korean beauty bloggers you’ll ever find. The fact that before starting her youtube she was working with a famous beauty brand, Amore Pacific. More than a beauty channel she often talks about her life struggles and experiences are quite motivating and relaxing to hear out.

10. Angel 김엔젤

Angel 김엔젤 Korean Beauty Blogger

Beautifymeeh is a Fashion, beauty, and skincare blogger and video creator who runs a Youtube channel. With over 513,000 subscribers on her youtube and 129k on her Instagram, she’s a mommy blogger of two kids, she’s one of the known beauty bloggers in Korea.

11. CHES

CHES 체스 Korean Beauty Bloggers

Ches is a versatile fashion and beauty blogger who can give you immense tips and hacks on the creative side of the table. She loves to create varied characters through fashion and beauty aesthetics. Want to know how to look like a Slytherin from Harry Potter, or how to fake freckles? You need to check her out for such inspiration!

12. Dasha Kim

Dasha Kim Korean Beauty Blogger

Dasha Kim is a Korean fashion and beauty blogger with more than 266k subscribers on Youtube. She makes videos which is a fusion of East meets West makeup and hairstyles, loved by her audience.

13. Daylong

Kim Dayeong Korean Beauty Blogger

Dayeong is a Korean Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle Blogger who’s most loved because of her lively aura. With a huge subscription over of 604,000 subscribers on her Youtube Channel, she posts fashion outfits, beauty hacks, and skincare reviews that her audience loves.

14. Erna Limdaugh

Erna Limdaugh Korean Beauty Blogger

ErnaLimdaugh is a Korean fashion and beauty blogger/ YouTuber with more than 315k subscribers on her Youtube channel where she posts amazing fashion, beauty, and lifestyle haul and reviews that her audience absolutely loves!

15. Gothamista

Gothamista Korean Beauty Blogger

Gothamista is a fashion and beauty Korean blogger, she shares her love for beauty on Renee’s Youtube Channel, and she does the best makeup and skincare hauls and reviews. With more than 444,000 subscribers on youtube, her audience absolutely appreciates the content she creates.

16. Hello Pretty by Subin

Hello Pretty by Subin Korean Beauty Bloggers

Hello Pretty by Subin is a rising Korean beauty blogger with 21k subscribers, her content is fun and interesting as she is a dynamic mix of reviews, hauls, and creative makeup videos. Haven’t followed her yet Well it’s time you do.

17. Fei Ying

Fei Ying Korean Beauty Blogger

Fei Ying is a Korean fashion and skincare blogger who is something you’ll love. If you want to learn vivid makeup hacks and vibrant skin and makeup in general, she’s the one you need to follow.

18. Joan Kim

Joan Kim Korean Beauty Blogger

Joan Kim is a young Korean fashion and beauty blogger based in Seoul. With more than 522k subscribers on her Youtube Channel, she shares a wide range of makeup hauls and reviews on the channel. Looking for genuine makeup reviews? Go check her out!

19. Kwak tori

kwak tori Korean Beauty Blogger

If you are an anime lover, you should definitely check out Kwan Tori as she makes amazing anime content, and her followers absolutely love it. In addition, you’ll also find the latest fashion and makeup trends, as she has more than 458,000 subscribers, get the best makeup tutorials on her youtube channel.

20. Jeniffer Harn 

Jeniffer Harn Korean Beauty Blogger

Jen Kim is a Korean Beauty Blogger and a Korean American tv reality star in “Seoul Insider” and “Discover Hong Kong. With more than 484,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel, she makes fashion and makeup videos on her channel.

21. Michelle Choi

MICHELLE CHOI Korean Beauty Blogger

Michelle Choi is a famous Korean fashion and beauty blogger with more than 200k fans to relate to her. Her lifestyle and makeup videos are relatable and her audience really admires her for the content she creates.

22. Risabae

Risabae Korean Beauty Blogger

Risabae is an instantly engaging fashion and beauty youtube channel as her experience as a makeup artist for music groups means she has great tips on how to recreate celebrity looks to share with her 2.1 million subscribers which by the way, we totally admire.

23. Sichen

Sichen Korean Beauty Blogger

Sichen is a Korean makeup beauty blogger with a charming smile and great makeup aesthetics, introduces herself as”just a person who loves makeup” and has been one of the known beauty bloggers with 1.3 million subscribers.

24. So Young

So Young Korean Beauty Blogger

So Young’s youtube channel has 370,000 subscribers, with ever-increasing creative content on her channel, her content is all about relaxing afternoon learning about morning routines, beauty treatments, and traveling.

25. Sunny’s Channel

Sunny’s Channel Korean Beauty Blogger

Sunny’s Channel is a 100% Korean beauty channel but she’s based in NYC and brings a little New York twist to her incredible makeup tutorials. Her celebrity recreative looks are the major source of inspiration for you g makeup enthusiasts that her audience love. She has over a million subscribers.

26. Sunny Dahye

Sunny Dahye Korean Beauty Blogger

Sunny Dahye runs a youtube channel where she shares her makeup, lifestyle, and travel stories. With more than 660k subscribers on her youtube channel, her realistic vlogs are what her audience love.

27. Morgan

Morgan Korean Beauty Blogger

With more than 550k subscribers on their Youtube Channel, Beauty Breakdown is a Korean beauty blogger, and writer Morgan Alison Stewart where she posts videos, skincare regimens and tutorials, new products, and even some fashion.

28. Yoon Charmi

Yoon Charmi Korean Beauty Blogger

YoonCharmi is a Korean beauty blogger with the best beauty tips, makeup advice, and life hacks that you need. The channel makes use of vibrant, colorful video thumbnails to attract attention, which the audience loves.

Well, so these are a few Korean Beauty Bloggers I would recommend you to follow if you’re looking for Korean beauty and fashion information, and trust me, they’re all so engaging, you get to choose your favorite!

Why Korean Beauty Bloggers are so popular?

The reason why Korean Beauty bloggers are popular around the world is that they’ve introduced the concept of K-beauty. K-beauty is all about natural, harsh-free, and glowing-looking skin that everybody aspires to achieve. The skincare and beauty routine that Koran beauty bloggers follow helps them achieve a natural, hydrated and anti-aging look and they’re very proud of nourishing their skin that way.

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