Top 17 Popular Korean Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2022

Do you look out for Korean Fashion Bloggers for some amazing street style inspiration for everyday wear? I am one of you too! My love for Korean fashion and Korean street style influencers seems to remain eternal from the day I discovered the concept.

Today I am going to take this opportunity to curate a few of my favorite Korean Fashion influencers for you to get inspired!

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What is Korean Fashion?

Korean Fashion is an amalgamation of street style, chic, and trendy ensembles that feature similar styles and silhouettes of garments but those who wear it have a unique vibe to it.

Korean Fashion styles mostly have baggy, edgy, oversized, and high fashion street style looks that they’re being known for.

So Korean Fashion can be described as Oversized, baggy, yet edgy looks with multiple layers, and sometimes it also has traditional and cultural inspirations.

Here is a list of 17 Korean Fashion Bloggers for Streetstyle Inspiration. Let’s check them out!

Nanjeong Lee@nizinanjjang
Park Gyuri@gyuri_pp
Irene Kim@ireneisgood
Ki Eun-Se@kieunse
Daniel Luna@luna.street
HAENA SONG@songhaena
Yuna Lee@yunastyle
Kim Won Joong@keemwj
Your Boyhood@yourboyhood
Halo People@halopeoplekr
Park Sora@sora_pppp
Jina Kim@itsjinakim
Yoni Pai@yonipai
HoYeon Chung@hoooooyeony
JAEDOO LEE@lee_jaedoo

1.Nanjeong Lee

Nanjeong-Lee Korean Fashion bloggers - Fashionfrill

Nanjeong Lee is one of the famous Korean Fashion Blogger who blogs for the Korean site Naver and “Second Heaven” is the online store that she runs. She has a unique sense of style and aesthetic. Her out-of-the-box styling outfits will absolutely blow your mind.

2.Park Gyuri

Park-Gyuri Korean Fashion bloggers - Fashionfrill

Park Gyuri is a Korean fashion influencer whose aesthetic is when chic and edgy meets the romantic feminity. It adds structures and flowy silhouettes in the utmost artsy. Check out her Instagram for some of her best looks.

3.Irene Kim

Irene-Kim Korean Fashion bloggers - Fashionfrill

Irene Kim reflects an elevated casual chic vibe we all love. With over 2m followers on Instagram, that makes it pretty much obvious how much her fashion is celebrated by her community.

4.Ki Eun-Se

Ki-Eun-Se Korean Fashion bloggers - Fashionfrill

Ki Eun-Se is an actress turned Korean fashion influencer whose chic wardrobe is something you would want to raid on. Her style is simple, edgy, and chic casuals that are pretty much wearable in every possible person who wants to get inspired.

5.Daniel Luna

Daniel Luna Korean Fashion bloggers - Fashionfrill

Daniel Luna runs a Korean fashion blog who is mainly a fashion photographer. The pictures on his feed are everything but chic, creative, and what we called “new” as an aesthetic. His Instagram feed is worth a follow.

6.Haena Song

HAENA SONG Korean Fashion bloggers - Fashionfrill

Haena Song is a Korean fashion influencer who also works as a model. Her effortless styling and well-curated outfits will make you fall in love with her, again and again! Why don’t you check her Instagram once?

7.Yuna Lee

Yuna Lee Korean Fashion bloggers - Fashionfrill

Yuna Lee is a successful Korean fashion blogger who also runs a blog named “Fashion Bunny”. Her style is effortless, chic, and elevated casual, again everything is relatable and wearable on an everyday basis.

8. Kim Won Joong

Kim Won Jong

Kim Won Joong is the first Asian model to walk for Prada. After he entered the international fashion scene, he got recognized as a fashion influencer who started his clothing line named 87mm and has one of the leading shows in Seoul Fashion Week.

9.Your Boyhood

Hung Sukwoo is the man behind Your Boyhood, is one of the known street style Fashion Journalists in Korea. Your Boyhood is a photo journal-based blog with more everyday edge and has a unique take on contemporary South Korean style making him one of the inspirational men in Fashion. He’s also Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly cultural magazine Spectrum, where he covers street style influencers of Seoul.

10.Halo People

Kyunghun Kim is behind the blog Halo People. He’s a fashion photographer as he covers the mixture of everyday street style fashion bloggers in Korea. He shoots high fashion street style fashion inspiration with notable models. He has more than 16,000 followers, he’s is also active on Instagram, sharing similar South Korean fashion finds.

11.Park Sora

Park Sora is one of the leading fashion bloggers in Korea. With over 1 million followers on Instagram, she’s also the brand ambassador of Korean makeup brand 3CE. She experiments with different cool, sexy, casual, and elegant looks from swimwear to professional business wear.


Banana is one of the growing fashion influencers and an Instagram model in Seoul, a beautiful amalgamation of trendy Japanese/Korean/Western styles that you’d love to get inspired from. Her style is very provocative and sexy will easily grab the viewer’s attention.

13.Jina Kim

Jina Kim is a famous fashion YouTuber where she shares her personal style and fashion finds. Also being the owner of Duier International, which is a fashion company based in China, and am also a co-founder of IFBK. In addition, she also works as a journalist at CJ E&M. His style aesthetic is all about having fun with outfits, her outfits have interesting details to focus on.

14.Yoni Pai 

Yoni Pai is a successful Korean fashion blogger with her husband Steve, who started their own label named Steve J and Yoni P. as fashion designers who showcase their designs in Fashion Weeks too. Her website and Instagram is full of fashion outfits and creative posts.


Mulbada is a Korean Fashion Blogger whose fashion blogs are really popular in Korea. Her style deals with long dresses, leather jackets, and animal print coats added with beauty content as well.

16.HoYeon Chung

Yeon Chung is a Korean Fashion blogger and Instagram model. Her feed is full of runway fashion posts that inspire many young fashion enthusiasts who combine vintage fashion style and street style aesthetics which we love.


Lee Jaedoo, a Korean fashion blogger and a fashion photographer, runs a blog named JDIN Korea. With more than 40k followers on Instagram, JDIN Korea consists of candid and more posed portrait and landscape shots of the people of Seoul who redefine their styles and are huge fashion inspirations.

These were a few Korean fashion Influencers who follow mainstream Korean fashion and once you start following they’re aesthetic there is no coming back trust me. 

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