Korean Male Fashion Influencers You Need to Follow Right Now!

Fashion influencers from Capri and Paris to New York and Shanghai, have become well-known personalities on Instagram due to their distinctive looks and endearing personalities.

And on a site like Instagram, where there are no national boundaries, individuals who take what the fashion industry as a whole offers them and adapt it to their own style have dominated.

Using prevalent menswear trends, but interpreted in an unusual way, these Korean male fashion influencers introduce us to yet again the nation’s characteristic K-Beauty aesthetic representation of perfectly groomed, smooth, luminous complexion with perfectly shaped eyebrows and hair that has been styled with almost surgical precision, K-pop fashion.

Everyone who aspires to be like them will be inspired by their distinctive looks and lovable personality. While we’ve already curated lists of famous female fashion bloggers around the world, it’s time we appreciate how male fashion influence is taking place.

1. Choi Jin-Heon

Choi Jin-shot heon’s makes us think of Thom Browne, who has 574k followers (and counting). Choi isn’t afraid to try them all, from sultry all-black ensembles evocative of Hedi Slimane’s distinctive style to Virgil Abloh’s modern, cool streetwear look. We enjoy that about him because his style persona isn’t entirely definite. He does it expertly as well.

2. Joo Woo-Jae

A South Korean male model named Joo Woo-Jae provides us with the ideal model-off-duty style inspiration via his Instagram. He enjoys experimenting with his everyday appearance and is not hesitant to try out new trends. Woo-jae dresses however he pleases and always sports a devilishly attractive appearance.

3. Jang Ki-Yong

The television programs Confession Couple, My Mister, and Kill It made South Korean actor and model Jang Ki-yong famous. His Instagram page is similar to Nam Joo-in hyuk’s that it combines genuine lifestyle photos with editorial photos.

4. Sang-hyuk Kwon

Sang-hyuk Kwon will demonstrate how to dress up while still showcasing your physique, or in this example, your abs, if you’ve been working out in the gym.

5. Nam Joo-hyuk

Nam Joo-hyuk, a South Korean model, actor, and favorite of the French luxury brand Dior Men is also known online by his handle @skawngur. Nam originally wanted to be a basketball player, despite the fact that he is now most recognized for his editorial covers, fashion spreads, and his own styling. To get your daily dose of high-low fashion inspiration, follow him.

6. Ethan Sol

We adore Lee Deunsol’s appearance despite the fact that his design sense tends more toward Scandi-chic than traditional South Korean attire. The most recent collection of pictures by Ethan Sol, better known as Ethan, is a tutorial on how to do tropical style properly.

7. Sunghoon Jang

One of the top Korean Instagram influencers for men’s fashion is Sunghoon Jang, who has 197k followers. He is in fact a great source of style and fashion inspiration for the younger male generation. Attractive, charming, and graceful Sunghoon Jang is also a model. He has made appearances in numerous fashion magazines and commercials.

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8. Ahn BoHyun

Model and male influencer Ahn BoHyun is from South Korea. On Instagram, he has 2.6M fans. Ahn BoHyun is highly renowned for his sense of fashion and good looks. In addition to being cozy, his casual clothing is stylish. He makes a style statement with his business attire. His sense of style serves as an example for you.

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