Top 10 LGBTQ+ Influencers to follow in 2023

LGBTQ Influencers are rising in popularity in the past few years. Thanks to social media that the community is now paving its own paths to influence the millions, being original, inspiring, and entertaining.

How empowering is it that a community that is widely judged and misrepresented is finding its voice in front of people who’ve once been judged?

Listing the best 10 LGBTQ Influencers that will be ruling social media and inspiring the millions:

Daniel Franzese@whatsupdanny
Alexander Joe@alexbegs
Devin Norelle@steroidbeyonce
Miss Peppermint@peppermint247
Kenny Ethan Jones@kennyethanjones
Owin Pierson@owinpierson
Skylar Jay@trans.ginger
Chella Man@chellaman
Hawk Snipes@bhawksnipes

1. Daniel Franzese

Daniel Franzese LGBTQ Influencers

Known as WhatsupDanny, known for the best portrayal of “Mean Girl Damian is an actor, comedian, and activist who inspires a lot of people. Having an epic sense of humor with a sense of responsibility to put a light on the community.

2. Alexander Joe

Known as Alex, described as an “overly dramatic Midwestern gay cowboy,” Alexander Joe has an Instagram following of 384. K who gets inspired by his posts. The posts showcase a certain flair for fashion which is inspiring and fierce.

3. Devin-Norelle

Devin-Norelle is an advocate, actor, diversity, model, and writer who has 50k Instagram followers, talking about topics like gender-affirming surgery, neopronouns, and talking openly about AIDS/HIV. The zis platform also talks about fashion and beauty, Ze also New York Fashion Week.

4. Miss Peppermint

Miss Peppermint is widely known for Ru Paul’s Drag Race, her acting roles are epic and inspiring. Her glamour shots are fierce and ground-breaking. She is active on all social media especially Twitch and Youtube, where she talks about trans rights and supports BLM.

5. Kenny Ethan Jones

A model, activist, and entrepreneur, Kenny Ethan Jonas is a social media influencer who talks about subjects like body politics, mental health, and intimacy. His only lifelong goal is to have trans equality across the globe and is always open to education and communications related to the transgender community.

6. Owin Pierson

Owin Pierson is an Asian LGBTQ+ Influencer who has been vocal about sexuality, mental health, and equality. Showing the importance of hoe supporting others is important but is also crucial to support them before, during, and after they come out.

7. Skyler Jay

Skylar Jay is a queer activist and speaker at Trans. ginger with a following of 60k on Instagram where he talks about rights related to the trans community while also having an epic fashion and beauty sense. He also helps run Pink Sofa Series and created scholarships for Gender conforming surgeries.

8. Maya/Sebastian

Maya/Sebastian is a trans/nonbinary/bigender who advocates for the queer. You’ll get to see a lot of honesty and vulnerability like showing scars of the surgery, playful videos, and loving shots of vacation with the partner. Using topics like cyberbullies, queer and non-binary, and what it’s like to be a bigender.

9. Chella Man

Chella Man is an astonishing Instagrammer who translates popular American songs into sign language through his Youtube Channel that has thousands of eyes. This successful model and actor also fight for Chinese Americans and the deaf community. He’s also modeled for Calvin Klien’s limited edition collection in 2020.

10. B. Hawk Snipes

Nobody walks down the stairs like model B Hawk Snipes. Being a Black non-binary trans femme, serves as a quotient of fashion and glamour, on and off the runway inspiring 40k of them on Instagram. You’ll mostly spot her hosting LGBTQ+ events, groups, and rallies.

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