Top 31 London Fashion Influencers to Follow in 2023

The rise of London fashion influencers has made fashion much easier and more accessible to audiences. Not only do brands look up to these London fashion Influencers, but millions of people also follow fashion bloggers for outfit inspiration.

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London is also known as the fashion hub in the UK and there are numerous fashion bloggers who have done wonders when it comes to blogging in the fashion industry.

List of 31 London Fashion Influencers

Hence, we are listing the top 31 fashion bloggers based in London for you to get inspired.

1. Sophie Milner

Sophie Milner is a UK-based Fashion and Beauty Influencer who has a following of 166k on Instagram. Her audience loves her casual style which gives more emphasis on elevated casuals. She also hosts a private message podcast that she hosts with Gemma Talbot.

2. Jess Hunt

Jess Hunt is UK based Fashion Model, Blogger, who runs a Youtube Channel by the same name. With more than 745k followers on Instagram, her style is minimal and chic, something we all love.

3. Laura Cranston

Laura Cranston is a Fashion, Lifestyle, and Travel Influencer from London whose style is preppy and chic. She also has a blog named “Girl Talk with Laura”, which is currently based in Newcastle and Manchester. With a following of  24k and an inspiring YouTube channel similar to the content, she posts on her blogs.

4. Dionne Crowe

Dionne Crowe is a Fashion Influencer based in Nottingham, who writes about fashion and lifestyle posts on her Instagram. With more than 125k followers on Instagram, her personal style is quite chic and body positive.

5. Kayleigh J Couture

Kayleigh J Couture is a London-based Fashion Influencer whose personal style is athleisure, sporty, and grungy with a touch of casual. With a following of 245k on Instagram, she’s known to create trendy content for her followers.

6. Chloe Sims

Chloe Sims is a UK-based Fashion Influencer who was a part of “The Only Way is Essex”. With more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram, she also runs a salon ‘Chloe’s Beauty Bar’ based in Essex. She posts about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and is quite regular with her posts.

7. Tallia Storm

Tallia Storm is a London-based Influencer who was initially known as she was a part of a reality show called “Celebs go dating”. Her outfits are something all her fans are fond of. She is also a successful songwriter and runs a Youtube Channel with more than 485k subscribers.

8. Flavia Stuttgen

Flavia Stuttgen is a British-based Instagram Influencer who posts trend-setting outfits on her profile. She has turned her passion for styling into a successful business by posting trendy outfits and creating “E-Tailor” which her followers of 104k absolutely love.

9. Nadia Anya

Nadia Anya is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle Fashion Influencer who always posts fashion-forward looks on her Instagram profile. With more than 671k followers, her style is very neutral and achievable.

10. Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams is an Irish Model, Fashion Influencer based in London. She is also a TV presenter and a Disc Jockey. With more than 971k followers on Instagram, she’s also the trustee for @barebyvogue.

11. Safaa Lloyd

Safaa Lloyd is a London-based Fashion Influencer and photographer who posts about Art and Lifestyle too. With more than 100k followers, you’ll find a lot of art-based inspiration and is one of the growing Instagram blogs.

12. Oliver Proudlock

Oliver Proudlock is a London-based Fashion Influencer and social media personality after he was seen in ‘Made in Chelsea’, a well-known television series. Completing his degree in Fine Arts, he runs a fashion company named ‘Serge DeNimes’ and his collection depicts his love for fashion, travel, and lifestyle.

13. Ellis Ranson

Ellis Ranson is a London-based fashion stylist/blogger who has worked with Laura Anderson, Ferne McCann, and Dani Dyer. With more than 82k followers on Instagram, her quirky sense of fashion is something we all love.

14. Vicky Pattinson

Vicky Pattinson is a famous TV media personality and a Fashion Influencer who was featured in a show named “Geordie Show”, another show named  ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get me Out of here! that she won. Her quirky looks inspire a lot of women in London.

15. Laura Blair

Laura Blair is a Fashion Influencer based in London with a Youtube Channel alongside an Instagram blog. With more than 140k followers on Instagram, her style is chic and classy, and very relatable for you and me.

16. Laura Wills

Laura Wills is a London Fashion Blogger who runs a blog named “The Fashion Bug Blog”. With more than 285k followers on Instagram, she’s known for posting Haute Couture fashion and trendy outfits, which her audience absolutely loves.

17. Suleman Kudus

Suleman Kudus is a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger based in London, who has a growing following of 35k, she’s growing to be a public speaker and brand consultant, inspiring many women.

18. Georgie Clarke

Georgie Clarke is a London Fashion Influencer whose style aesthetic is bold and sporty. You might also have witnessed her on the ITV2 show ‘Survival of the Fittest. She also runs a Youtube Channel and an Instagram profile with more than 245k followers.

19. Leila K

Leila K is a London-based Fashion Blogger who is also the founder of a jewelry brand named ‘LeiVanKash’. She is one of our favorite Mommy bloggers on Instagram with more than 60k followers and still growing. You’ll find many quirky fashion and accessories for you to get inspired.

20. Jordan Adefay

Jordan Adefay is a UK-based Influencer and Television personality who was seen in the hit ITV show ‘Love Island. His style is preppy and very relatable, hence a lot of male audiences follow him for style inspiration.

21. Yasmine Chanel

Yasmine Chanel is a London Fashion Influencer who has a huge following of 540k on Instagram. Her style is gorgeous, not only her audience loves her but fashion journalists like her style as well.

22. Georg White

Georg White is a UK-based Fashion, Beauty, and Travel Influencer who runs a website that she relaunched in 2014, and is growing ever since. Her daily styles and wardrobe picks are quite inspiring and her followers look up to her for guides.

23. Sam Marvin

Sam Marvin is a London-based Fashion Influencer whose style we all love. His menswear fashion guide is absolutely inspiring. With more than 120k followers, he also works as a model managed by Matchstick Group model management.

24. Danielle Vanier

Danielle Vanier is a Fashion Influencer based out of London where she shares style guides on her blog. With more than 120k followers on her Instagram profile, she uses the platform to spread body positivity, love (every size/shape you are), and self-love.

25. Wardrobe Boss

Wardrobe Boss is a Fashion Blogger who sells her services of Wardrobe detox and organizing tips. With more than 11k followers on Instagram and still growing bigger, her personal styling tips and style guide are something to be inspired by.

26. Amy Neville

Amy Neville is a fashion model and blogger who focuses on forwarding looks. Being the face of Revolve, not only does she shares style tips on the other channel, she gives insight on style guide and travels.

27. Nikita Rai

Nikita Rai is a UK-based Fashion Influencer and Youtuber with more than 100k where she posts lingerie-inspired styles that her fans absolutely love. She also is the brand ambassador of Boux Avenue and Colour Pop Cosmetics.

28. Emily Shak

Emily Shak is a Fashion Influencer who describes herself as a Scottish Lebanese girl who loves everything fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. With more than 1.4 million, she mixes high-end fashion street style looks keeping updated with trends.

29. Maja Malnar

Maja Malnar is a London-based Fashion Blogger and travel enthusiast who posts pictures and creates content on Instagram. She is multilinguistic as she can talk 6 languages. If you’re looking for fashion and wanderlust vibes, Malhar is the one you must follow.

30. Jessica Warren

Jessica Warren is a London-based Fashion Influencer with 88k followers on Instagram and is still growing. Her Instagram blog features fashion outfits for everybody who loves fashion and styling.

31. Catarina Mira-Rose

Catarina Mira-Rose, a fashion influencer from Portugal known for her classic styles, is of Portuguese descent. As she has spent the previous few years living in London, she is of the opinion that dressing to reflect your personal style in the capital is essential. With posts centered around fashion, interiors, and vacation photos, her inspiring Instagram feed has helped her amass a devoted following of a little over 70,000 people.

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