Best London Fashion Photographers to Work in 2023

London and Fashion are nothing less than a synonym. If you are an aspiring fashion photographer, starting your career here is the best decision you can make as you’ll learn a lot.

The Fashion Industry has seen some successful photographers who’ve set a benchmark for aspiring Fashion Photographers. Paris, New York, London, and Tokyo are some of the fashion hubs where you’ll find the most talent and where all the magic happens, talking about Fashion.

We’ve also listed the best London Fashion Influencers who’re successful and setting a benchmark for blogging as well. 

Having that said, these are the best London Based Fashion Photographers to get inspired. Their visual presentation is something to learn.

10 Best London Fashion Photographers

Hence, we are listing the top 10 Fashion photographers based in London for you to get inspired.

1. Cherry Au

Cherry Au is a Fashion Photographer who shoots fashion editorials and does both personal and commercial projects. He has a vintage aesthetic with warmth, passion, and power that he gives to every image that you see. With more than 17k followers on Instagram, you’ll see a visible queerness and interest in promoting the LGBTQ+ community.

2. Bekky Calver

Bekky is a London Fashion Photographer who’s done many commercials so far. She has a quirky aesthetic in her photos and has worked with diverse models that you can find on her Instagram. She also does Events Photography for VICE and HUCK magazine.

3. Stefano Brunesci

Stefano not only works from London but also covers Paris Fashion. Inspired by nude portraits of the ’70s, you’ll see black-and-white nude art which will blow your mind. His photography is minimal with the least use of Photoshop editing. He has also shot for publications like GQ, Maxim, and W25.

4. Joseph Clarkson

Joseph Clarkson is a London Fashion Photographer who is a photographer on a mission as he works on fashion and portraits. His pictures are high fashion and dramatic, something his clients love absolutely. Sticks and Stones was a documentary that won him where he covered humans in diverse forms. He’s also shot for DAZED and LOVE magazines.

5. Harley Weir

Harley Weir is a self-taught Fashion Photographer who is just astonishing to look at. She’s already shot for AnOther, British Vogue, and i-D, and shot with a few designers like Stella McCartney to Céline, she’s killing it with her work. With more than 360k followers on Instagram, her work is as diverse as you can imagine. 

6. Simone Steenberg

With strong storytelling through Images, Simone Steenberg is London Fashion Photographer who tells stories about women and has a powerful aesthetic to communicate. With more than 7k followers on Instagram, She’s worked with Dazed, i-D, Stylist, and DANSK already and has an inspiring portfolio. 

7. Ottilie Landmark

Ottilia is a London-based Fashion Photographer who originates from Copenhagen, Denmark, and works with the purpose of queer female sexuality and identity, trying to remove the male-gaze status quo of fashion editorials. With more than 4500 followers on Instagram, she’s already worked on amazing projects.

8. Pip Bourdillon

Pip Bourdillon is one of the Industry’s Favorite Fashion Photographers in London in present. With her uniqueness in style, a perfect blend of modern and vintage aesthetics, she’s wooed many fashion publications and worked with them. She’s definitely one of the rising fashion photographers in London.

9. Joe Whitmore

Joe Whitmore is a London Fashion Photographer who does a variety of fashion editorials. With a degree in photography from Leicester College, he’s good with both photography and post-production skills both. Although it is said that he started by covering BMX events, his ultimate goal is Fashion.

10. Dominik Kazancev

Dominik Kazancev is a big name in Fashion Industry when it comes to Fashion Portraits. His work is a beautiful mix enticing mix of documentarian and studio shots which you’ll love and is something to learn. His images communicate stories in a quirky way which his clients love.

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