Top 9 Modeling Agencies in South Korea 2023

As a resident or foreigner, modeling in Korea can open up a tonne of exciting options. You get to interact with a variety of interesting people from all over the world while trying on fashionable clothing for a living.

The best part is that modeling agencies in Korea are constantly on the lookout for fresh faces.

International attention has been drawn to the South Korean cinema, drama, music, and fashion industries. Nike, Timex, Samsung, Hyundai, Coca-Cola, and other recent examples of globally renowned companies that have worked with Korean celebrities and models.

Even while there are advantages and disadvantages to modeling in Korea, no one can contest the fact that the country’s industry is poised to take over the global fashion scene.

We List the Best Modeling Agencies in South Korea Right Now

Want to become a Korean Fashion Model? Well, you can get inspired by these Korean models we’ve listed to make notes while we list the best Modeling Agencies in South Korea right now.

1. ESteem

As a result of the addition of Kim Won-kyung and Lee Hyun-yi, ESteem eventually gained control of all high-end fashion magazines, including VOGUE, and began to dominate their pictorial content. Starting with Han Hye-jin and Song Kyung-a, the agency swiftly assisted Korean models in finding work abroad. To grow even further, it later hired Yoo Ji-ann, Kwak Ji-young, Kim Sung-hee, Park Ji-hye, and Soojoo.

2. Base Models

Internationally talented foreign models are brought to Seoul, South Korea, by Base Models. To provide outstanding results for the talent and clients, the business was founded by former models and designers.

3. MDI Model Management

For both print and film, MDI seeks out foreign models (adults, adolescents, and children) (commercials, editorials, etc.).

4. Dobe Management

Working with models of any race, gender, body type, and age, Dobe Management is an expert in the fashion industry. The agency works in several industries, including print and catalog features, runway, music videos, TV shows, and TV commercials.

5. Ever Models

Ever Models is a modeling and entertainment agency for foreign nationals (men and women). The agency specializes in editorials for magazines and advertising.


The death of DCM also gave rise to KPLUS. The agency wasn’t well known initially, despite having a vast roster of models. Male models were primarily its strong point. KPLUS featured beautiful male models who were killing Seoul Fashion Week whereas ESteem had an insane lineup of female models but few male models.

7. Banilla Models

Banilla Models was founded in 2008 and focuses on being a modeling agency for international models. Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands are the agency’s primary clients (sports, weddings, etc.).

8. Jennifer Model

Models from all around the world and in Korea can benefit from Jennifer Model’s expert management services.

9. About International Model Management

A modeling agency for professionals, lifestyle models, and young people, International Model Management is an abroad-based agency that hires international models. A wide variety of clients use the agency.

What are the things to remember while contacting a modeling agency in South Korea?

  1. Except perhaps for headshots, nothing should be paid for to work.
  2. Your employment is not guaranteed. Any company that makes that guarantee is dishonest.
  3. In modeling, it’s quite difficult to get wealthy. Any organization that asserts the opposite is lying.
  4. By asking around or using Facebook groups, you can investigate the reputation of the modeling agency.
  5. Never sign a contract unless you are certain of its contents and agree to them. Contracts that last for a longer period are predatory.
  6. Especially if you feel forced, avoid doing anything that makes you uncomfortable.

If you require assistance or believe that your passport has been stolen, get in touch with your local embassy or consulate.

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