Top 30 New York Fashion Influencers ahead of Fashion Trends 2023

The Best Fashion Influencers of New York City not only have a wide reach audience around the world but have unique stories to tell about brands and their products.

They preach their personal style preferences and in return get to collaborate with brands for sponsored products or make design collaborations to spread the word. Most brands use fashion influencers as a tool to market their brand story and collections.

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New York is one of the top fashion cities in the world, hence it consists of some of the famous fashion bloggers in New York City who’ve carved their way into the blogging industry.

Following New York, fashion Influencers are equal to following the big names in the Fashion Industry.

Since New York is the ultimate hub of Fashion and Beauty and some of the leading fashion and beauty brands are found here, New York Fashion Bloggers are found ahead of time and their fashion aesthetic will inspire you a lot more than everywhere else.

Check out the Top Street Style Trends that will be seen the most in 2023 and keep yourself updated with trends.

Top 30 New York Fashion Influencers

Here is a list of the top 30 New York Fashion Influencers for you to follow:

Natalie Lim Suarez@natalieoffduty
Charlotte Groeneveld@thefashionguitar
Danielle Bernstein@weworewhat
Margaret Zhang@margaretzhang
Brittany Xavier@brittanyxavier
Vanessa Hong@vanessahong
Leandra Medine@leandramcohen
Christie Tyler@nycbambi
Pernille Teisbaek@pernilleteisbaek
Olivia Palermo@oliviapalermo
Lauren Conrad@laurenconrad
Aimee Song@aimeesong
JULIE SARIÑANA@sincerelyjules
Adam Gallagher@iamgalla
Blair Eadie@blaireadiebee
Xenia Adonts@xeniaadonts
Chriselle Lim@chrisellelim
Julia Engel@juliaberolzheimer
Wendy Ngyuen@wendyslookbook
Phil Cohen@thepacman82
Amra Beganovich@clubfashionista
Rumi Neely@rumineely
Emma Hill@emmahill
Tina Leung@tinaleung
Pandora Sykes@pandorasykes
Kia Marie@thenotoriouskia
Sophia Roe@sophiaroe
Patricia Manfield@heir
Leomie Anderson@leomieanderson
Miranda Makaroff@mirandamakaroff

1. Natalie Lim Suarez

Natalie Lim is not only a fashion New York Fashion influencer but also a professional model and that’s what defines her personal style as she aces those off-duty model looks for you to take some serious style inspiration.

2. Charlotte Groeneveld

Charlotte Groeneveld is the founder of the famous blog “The Fashion Guitar” and is present on Instagram by the same name. You’ll see a lot of basics, casuals, and neutral color tones so yes if that’s your vibe follow this famous fashion blogger for more such updates on her feed.

3. Danielle Bernstein 

Danielle Bernstein is a New York fashion influencer and an entrepreneur as she is the founder of “Weworewhat” She also has her fashion line “Danielle Bernstein Collection” where the spring collection is something you should absolutely check out on.

4. Margaret Zhang

Not only is Margaret Zhang one of the popular New York Fashion bloggers, but also being appointed as the new Editor-in-chief of Vogue China. Her fashion aesthetic is a vibe as you can see she’s experimental and believes in making bold fashion choices, that hair color you see! That one!

5. Brittany Xavier

Brittany Xavier is one of the most popular New York Fashion influencers. She has an elevated chic fashion aesthetic, very wearable and that’s the reason why she’s been in partnership with so many well-known brands, Cartier, Givenchy, and Marc Jacobs to name a few.

6. Vanessa Hong

Vanessa Hong’s aesthetic has got no boundaries. Not only that she’s a pro at making fashion statements she’s also the person behind the blog “The Haute Pursuit”. She’s a true fashion inspiration for many of us.

7. Leandra Medine 

The founder of The Man Repeller, Leandra Medine’s style aesthetic is very chic and edgy giving those smart Journalist vibes! You can look up everyday casual streetwear looks with a very laid-back essence.

8. Christie Tyler

If are you looking for simple, curated, minimalistic fashion vibes then Christie Tyler is the famous fashion blogger you should get inspired by. She’s also the Co-founder of Bambi Studios.

9. Pernille Teisbaek

Pernille Teisbaek is one of the best New York influencers you can get layering inspiration from. Her fashion game is just so on point when it’s about layering, neutrals, and mature fashion vibes. She’s also a blogger, director, and stylist at Social Zoo Direct. She’s worked with brands like Vogue US, Net-A-Porter, H&M, etc.

10. Olivia Palermo

New York Fashion Influencers

Before Olivia Palermo was a reality star, she also interned at Lifestyle Quest magazine. She also appeared as a guest judge alongside Heidi Klum. Her style is chic, classy, elegant, and solid color-blocking which will make you drool over her.

11. Lauren Conrad

Born in America, Lauren Conrad initially became popular through a reality TV show called “Laguna Beach”. Now a style influencer, blogger, author, and designer, Lauren Conrad also owns a brand that launched with a collection of Kohls in 2009 and is also being an entrepreneur ever since.

12. Aimee Song

A Los Angeles-based fashion influencer, Aimee Song is one of the well-known fashion influencers in NYC currently! Her first design collaboration was with Gentle monster in 2017 which was a big hit as it sold out in 22 minutes! She’s also the author of the book “Capture your style” which was one of the best-selling books after its launch!

13. Julie Sarinana

Julie Sarinana is a New York fashion and lifestyle influencer who started her blog in 2009. She’s one of the top known and OG New York fashion influencers being pioneers in Fashion blogging. She also launched a surf-inspired Australian lifestyle and apparel brand Billabong in a collaboration that was one of the biggest hits of Billabong 2019.

14. Adam Gallagher

Adam is a New York-based fashion and lifestyle blogger who runs a blog called I AM GALLA which aims to influence men on fashion and style hacks. Not only you’d find a beautiful feed in his blog as well as his Instagram, an inspiration for all fashion-friendly men!

15. Blair Eadie

Blair Eadie is one of the well-known fashion bloggers based in NYC who’s been in the style game past 10 years. She’s a familiar face in the list of bloggers and has collaborated with many fashion brands so far.

16. Xenia Adonts

Xenia Adonts is a German-based fashion influencer, and also the creative director of Attire, a “transparent, eco-friendly and ethical” fashion brand. Apart from being a fashion influencer who also promotes sustainability, she’s been featured in fashion magazines like Bazaar, Vogue, etc.

17. Chriselle Lim

A Korean-American fashion influencer, Chriselle Lim is a Nyc based influencer, a stylist, and also runs a blog named “The Chriselle Factor”. Also known to be one of the famous mom influencers of Nyc, she’s done numerous collaborations with brands like Tiffany & Co., Coach, Victoria’s Secret, the Banana Republic, etc.

18. Julia Engel

Julia Engel is one of the leading fashion bloggers in New York City. Since she started her blog while she was in college, she’s been in the blogging industry for quite a while. Being one of the top style influencers in New York, she’s worked with brands like Tory Burch, Tiffany & Co., and Nordstrom and has been style influencer of the year 2017 and currently, is the founder of Gal Meets Glam Collection.

19. Wendy Ngyuen

Wendy Ngyuen runs a Youtube channel by the name Wendy’s lookbook and it’s been over a decade since her being a fashion influencer in Nyc. Turning fashion blogging into a full-time career, Wendy has come a long way as she inspires many women to pursue blogging as a full-time career.

20. Phil Cohen

Phil Cohen

Phil Cohen is a men-style influencer who’s known for creative aesthetics and flat lay ootd inspirations where his layouts have gone viral worldwide. Recently, he’s also been included in “19 Looks by 19 Stylish Men.”

21. Amra Beganovich

Amra is a fashion influencer in Nyc who is also the founder of a Digital and creative agency A&E. She’s worked with major luxury fashion houses including Bvlgari, Net-A-Porter, LVMH, and more.

22. Rumi Neely

Rumi is a Fashion influencer based in LA and has been one of the pioneers of the fashion blogging industry. Being the founder of “Fashion Toast” and a fashion vintage store “Treasure Chest Vintage.” She’s one of the most influential bloggers in Nyc at the moment as she’s featured in CNN, Teen Vogue, and Lucky magazine.

23. Emma Hill

Emma Hill is one of the top New York influencers who’s known for her classic blunt haircuts, and authentic NYC street style looks perfect for fashion inspiration for many bloggers out there.

24. Tina Leung

Tina Leung is one of the leading stylists and fashion influencers in New York who’s originally from Hong Kong. She’s worked with many fashion luxury brands and is a front-row favorite for a lot of runway shows.

25. Pandora Sykes

Pandora Sykes is a leading fashion influencer who also writes for the Sunday times. Being the author of “How Do We Know We’re Doing it Right”, she’s one of the most influential people in the fashion industry.

26. Kia Marie

Kia Marie is a fashion influencer in Nyc known for her eclectic sense of style. She also runs a youtube channel where apart from Fashion she also shares her poetry and songwriting.

27. Sophia Roe

Sophia Roe is one of the growing fashion influencers in Nyc who’s also the founder of “Roe Diary” Known to have a “Scandi style” way of street style aesthetics, she’s one of the most influential fashion bloggers we know.

28. Patricia Manfield

Patricia Manfield is a growing fashion blogger in Nyc whose street style fashion aesthetic drools all. She’s been a part of lots of brand collaborations and fashion publications features.

29. Leomie Anderson

Leomie is one of the top fashion influencers who has been a designer and a model. Known for her debut in Victoria’s Secret in 2015 while becoming one of Victoria’s Secret’s angels in 2019. Founder of Lapp, a feminist publication that supports other fashion bloggers.

30. Miranda Makaroff 

Miranda Makaroff is a designer, a DJ, a multidisciplinary artist, also the daughter of designer Lydia Delgado and singer-songwriter Sergio Makaroff. She’s also designed prints for “Desigual Sexhibition” and a capsule collection with “Likes of Desigual”

Influencer marketing agencies and the rise of social media are introducing new fashion bloggers across the world every day. These were a few of my favorite New York Fashion Bloggers that I follow for different style inspirations.

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