Profitable Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money in 2023

If you want to start your blog today the first thing you will look for is Profitable blog niche ideas that can help you grow soon. You don’t want to invest your time and energy into something that would not result in the passive income that you’re looking for. 

Starting a blog will be the best decision you made. In this blog, we’ll tell you how you can achieve it.

30 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas to Try on

Listing some of the best-rated Profitable blogging niches for you to try in the coming year 2023.

1. Health and Fitness

The health and Fitness niche is quite a popular niche that tops the list. Whether you plan to start a written Blog or a service-based website, Health niches are evergreen.

There are a lot of micro-niches like Diet, weight loss, home remedies, supplements, and mental health is one of the most popular niches.

Subniche Ideas for Health and Fitness Blogs:

  • Weight Loss
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Supplements and Protein Shakes
  • Workouts
  • Keto Diets


Health blogs are lucrative blogs that can help you earn a lot. You can also start an affiliate marketing blog based on Health and Fitness as people are constantly looking for blogs that recommend health supplements, weight loss tips, various diets, etc.

2. Personal Finance

We all need the advice to manage our finances. Managing Finance has become one of the crucial aspects of growing wealth. These blogs literally can help anybody from families to big investors manage their finances.

A few finances Clever Girl finance, Nerdwallet, etc help people build personal finances like no one else.

Subniche Ideas for Finance Blogs:

  • Saving Money
  • Budgeting
  • Improving Credit Scores
  • Reducing Debts
  • Passive Income Sources


Finance Blogs are one of the fast-growing blogs that have no going back. If you have knowledge about financing, even a personal or niche blog will grow with massive success if given time.

It also has one of the High CPC keywords that helps you earn naturally.

3. Fashion

Fashion is a massive niche to pick from as it’s a Trillion Dollar Industry. A lot of fashion bloggers have made their name in the Fashion Blogosphere writing about fashion trends, their style, etc by creating Personal Blogs.

Apart from high publications like Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan, there are fashion websites like Fashionista, and Who What Wear, and services like Stitch Fix also earn a lot.

Subniche Ideas for Fashion Blogs:

  • Trend Reports
  • Forecasting sites
  • E-Commerce sites
  • Styling and Problem-Solving ideas
  • DIYs


Fashion Blogs are wide, you must niche down really well to find success soon. If you have knowledge about fashion, decide on at least 3-5 various sub-niches and create content accordingly.

Follow different Personal Style Bloggers to get ideas on how Personal Branding can be done as it is one of the top chosen Fashion Niches.

4. Lifestyle

Lifestyle blogs consist of daily lifestyle stories that interest a lot of readers and could be a great niche for writing blogs too. Eg, Camille Styles, Quintessence, The Skinny Confidential, The Blonde Abroad, and Wit & Delight are some of the Lifestyle Blogs that talk about everything Fashion, Food, Travel, Culture, etc.

Subniche Ideas for Lifestyle Blogs:

  • Culture
  • Food
  • Work
  • Travel
  • Dance


Lifestyle Blogs are fun and rooted, and although it takes time to establish, Affiliate Blogs could be a great way to start to be successful sooner.

Every sub-niche is huge, but these are also topics that the audience mostly connects to making scope for good numbers.

5. Business and Marketing

A lot of businessmen and people starting out their businesses look up to blogs that help them ease their doubts and ways of marketing their businesses.

Selling Products and services adds to the Business niche. These products can include Fashion products, lifestyle products, or Personal Brand merchandise.

Subniche Ideas for Business Blogs:

  • Conscious Customers
  • HomeMakers
  • Travelers
  • The LGBTQ+ community
  • Local Consumers


Business Blogs will be the highest-earning blogs in 2023 although it takes time to establish. Always keep the current market trends and products in mind.

Remote Working has been a huge concept in the 2020s and later which makes it an ideal situation as a target market. The above sub-niche blog ideas are forecasted to be successful in 2023. 

6. Technology and Gaming

Gaming niche is a Billion Dollar Market. When we know the future is gaming and Tech, it would be foolish to ignore these niches at all, they will lead the future blogs in the context of popularity.

Although, it is the truth that the competition is Tough you can work through it over time.

Subniche Ideas for Gaming Blogs:

  • First Impression
  • Player versus Player
  • Tutorials
  • Loot Box Openings
  • Reviews


Gaming Blogs will also be the highest-earning blogs in 2023. Since Gaming is competitive and wide, Youtube Channels are a great way to broadcast your videos as the first impressions, reviews, and tutorials rather than creating websites. They are fun to watch and much more informative in video format.

7. Travel

Everybody loves traveling, isn’t it? From suggestions about where to go, and what to eat, travel guides, touristy locations, and itineraries do help a lot of travelers, and writing about these topics will definitely help them. Sites like Tripoto, Traveldiariesapp, Livenguide, etc.

Subniche Ideas for Travel Blogs:

  • Traveling with Kids
  • Solo Travel
  • Travel Fashion
  • Make Money While Traveling
  • Review Hotels and destinations


Travel can be mixed with many other genres Fashion, Fitness, Children, Cooking, Festivals, and Spas which have a huge audience. There are many types of affiliates that can help you earn much more than you can expect. Travel post-Covid is also a great idea to move forward.

8. Food

Food recipes being the most popular, you can also write about healthy eating habits, veganism, home-cooked meals, Baking recipes, and kitchen equipment, and for the longer run people do look up recipes and ingredients, it’s a win! 

Subniche Ideas for Food Blogs:

  • Recipes
  • Special Needs like diets, Paleo, and Body detox.
  • Food for Different age groups
  • Travel Foods
  • Food Combination Ideas


The Food market can accommodate a larger audience to have bloggers and entrepreneurs. Passion can take you to heights, Personal Travel Blogging can also help you reach heights with affiliate marketing as well.

Refer to blogs like Fit Men Cook, Minimalist Baker, Wine Folly, Pinch of Yum, etc.

9. Self-Improvement

A lot of people lookup for self-improvement blogs to constantly check on how can they improve productivity and how well can they feel better about themselves. With mental health and self-doubts issues increasing day by day, Personal Development is an ideal niche to crack, to earn more.

Subniche Ideas for Personal Development Blogs:

  • Mental Health
  • Spirituality
  • Dating and Relationship Advice
  • Stress Management
  • Building Finance


Personal Development niche requires a sorted monetization strategy to be able to have a profitable blog. Info Products can be a huge way to double your income so you can work on products like Self-improvement E-books, courses, webinars, etc. Refer to blogs like Tiny Buddha, Zen Habits, Think Simple Now, etc to get inspired.

10. Building websites

Building websites do need step-by-step tutorials for beginners as not everybody who starts a website is a tech person and knows to code. In fact, most of the websites are owned by non-tech guys. Now you know, why people need web designers and coders. Make their work easy.

Subniche Ideas for Building Website Blogs:

  • Web Design
  • Beginners
  • Website Marketing
  • Membership Sites
  • Job Sites


Making Websites one of the rising online business ideas that can be made passive soon. Helping people build a website for beginners is a great idea to move forward ahead in 2023.

11. Parenting niches

Parenting also makes a great for profitable blog niche ideas for blogs and new parents do look for lots of answers and their questions remain unanswered if they talk with people one on one. Helping them out would be a great initiative and will bring money too. Eg, Raising Playful Tots.

Subniche Ideas for Parenting Blogs:

  • Budgeting for parents
  • Childcare
  • Meal plans and grocery 
  • DIYs
  • Home Improvement


Parenting is a growing niche in the past few years and will grow in the future. Times of India mentions how Parenting trends will be the next big thing in 2023. Refer to blogs like Popsugar Moms, Alpha Moms, Parenting, Bamble, etc to take notes on creating Parenting Websites.

12. City guides

Traveling guides are one of those classic websites that will earn you for the longest time. People visiting a city for the first time need guides regarding different queries like locations, tourist spots, eateries, services, etc that refer to the city, all include in Travel/City Guides. 

Living the Dreams mentions how focused travel blogs are better than general blogs to get inspired.

Subniche Ideas for Travel/City Blogs:

  • Best Foods
  • Best places to stay/hostels
  • Location guides
  • Budget trips
  • How To


Like Travel niches, City guides also have a huge scope for growth. Affiliate products, shop recommendations, and hotel reviews could be a great way to start your career in the Travel niche. Research and passion for traveling rather than just writing will help you get genuine readers around the world.

13. Crossfit training

Crossfit training is mainly high-intensity workouts, they have diet plans, and different nutrition programs you can subscribe to. Eg Crossfit Invictus, The Crossfit journal, etc. Hence this can make one of the ideal profitable blog niche ideas for starting your blog.

Subniche Ideas for Fitness Blogs:

  • Beginners
  • Dance and Zumba
  • CrossFit
  • Personal training 
  • Online training for Runners


With the rise of social media and influence, people are looking forward to personal training and workout for weight loss and personal development. Hence the scope of getting more clients in the current situation is much more than earlier. You can sell training courses, take online classes, or sell already recorded classes and the ideas are numerous.

14. Movie Review

There are a lot of websites giving movie updates, and explanations and people love reading movie reviews and theories about those movies. Eg, Screenrant, Rogerebert, Movieflicks etc.

If you’re passionate about watching movies and decoding their theories, what better can it get to be getting a chance to write about them?

Subniche Ideas for Movie Blogs:

  • Reviews
  • Theories
  • News updates/ releases
  • Upcoming movies lists
  • Genre-based blogs


Movies come and go, hence Movie blogs can be one of the classic genres that will never go outdated.

Let your voice be heard, and try to keep it as authentic as it can get hence watching the content before writing about it is much better. Read how to start a Movie Blog in easy steps if you want to consider making one.

15. Weddings and marriage

We know how big the Wedding and Marriage industry is and there are plenty of queries that need to be catered to regardless of the country and region.

There is always scope for doing good in such niches. There are many wedding wishlist blogs that you can refer to blogs like WeddingWishlists, BudgetSavyBrides, BridalMusings, etc for inspiration.

Subniche Ideas for Movie Blogs:

  • Destination Reviews
  • Rituals
  • Planning and Wishlists
  • Decorations
  • Wedding Planner Ideas


Niche Wedding Blogs can also include photography, planning, gifting ideas, food, and destinations, business ideas for wedding planners, the list goes on. But do you know what is new? Same-gender weddings which is a great niche to tap into for the future! Excited to check out a few popular wedding blogs? Here you go!

16. Eco-friendly homes

Eco-friendly homes are specific homes designed to take care of sustainability and a better future. A lot of people are pursuing building eco-friendly homes and moving towards sustainable solutions and hence will prove to be a profitable niche idea to opt for.

Subniche Ideas for Sustainable home Blogs:

  • Decor
  • DIYs
  • Product recommendations
  • Materials 
  • Tricks and hacks


Moving towards Sustainability is the need of the hour. The more people are aware of it, the better. Blogs like Sustainably Chic, Zero Waste Home, Moral Fibres, and Sustainable Daisy are doing a great job acing the niche.

While you can simply give your blog an article setup, you can also provide consulting services for the same.

17. Self-employment

With pandemic situations all over the place, people are now shifting towards freelancing and self-employment as quite a big sector is not able to provide satisfactory jobs to people.

Helping people become financially independent through self-employment should be a profitable niche idea too.

Subniche Ideas for Self-Employment niche Blogs:

  • Freelancing ideas
  • Selling Courses
  • E-Books
  • Consulting
  • Motivational Speaking


The list doesn’t end here. Life Coaching, Event Managing, Academic training and writing, Investing, and Freelance Web Design can be additional ideas you can tap on to. What’s here to note is your passion or hobby that can be turned into something which can be monetized.

18. Beauty Blog 

Beauty and makeup is quite a big industry in itself, writing about different product reviews of newly launched products, easy makeup tutorials, and products recommendation helps readers to get an idea of making it the best of the profitable blog niche ideas.

Subniche Ideas for Beauty Blogs:

  • Makeup, Skincare, and Haircare
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Beauty Routines
  • Product Reviews
  • DIY Beauty remedies.


Beauty Blogs are here to stay forever. What will help you reach a better number and the right audience is by tapping into a minute sub-niche and expanding it in the beginning, as the Beauty niche is wide in itself, hence it can get difficult to get good results initially. Read more about it in this Beauty Niche Report for 2023, for a better understanding.

19. Cooking

Who doesn’t love cooking? During quarantine, cooking has been one of the most searched topics throughout the world. you can write about different food recipes, ingredients for making specific food, and a lot of cooking tips in your blog.

Subniche Ideas for Beauty Blogs:

  • Quick Meals
  • Home Recipies
  • Baking
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Vegan Food Recipies


Cooking blogs are easy to make profitable blogs to get started with. Apart from earning through ads, you can also recommend affiliate products, sell Cookbooks Online, Brand Partnerships with companies and restaurants, etc. It is said that Mediavine is a preferred platform for Food Bloggers.

Some of the popular Food Bloggers are Minimalist Baker, Gimme Some Oven, Natasha’s Kitchen, and The Pioneer Woman, check them out to get inspired.

20. Upcoming events

Event Blogging is huge. The fact that you can earn more than $10,000 from one single festival in a year sounds crazy. If you want to update people with whatever is happening around you, this is what you want to do. These data are short-termed news so it’s beneficial to be updated till day one.

Subniche Ideas for Beauty Blogs:

  • Christmas day special
  • Halloween
  • Music festivals
  • IPL/ Matches
  • Valentines Day.


Event Blogging is a short-term blogging idea but has a huge scope for passive income sources. You only need to work for 30 to 40 days and the results are instant as well. Keep in mind to keep your SEO game strong to be able to earn well. Focus on upcoming events that have the potential of higher search before you start.

Some of the popular Event Blogs for you to follow are Endless Events, Bizbash, Velvet Chainsaw, Smart Meetings, Skift, etc.

21. Retirement and pension savings

Retirement blogs are one of the most profitable blog niche ideas in 2023. People do have a lot of queries regarding retirement and pension, the processes, and a lot more making it a profitable niche idea to be successful. Some of these types include Retirement Planning, lifestyle, hobbies, managing finances, talking about funds, etc.

Subniche Ideas for Retirement Blogs:

  • Life after Retirement blogs
  • Funds and Pension managing
  • How-Tos
  • Under 40
  • Baby Boomers


New Retirement, Retire before Dad, and Root of Good, are some of the top-performing retirement blogs for you to follow. 

22. Divorce

Consider you being a divorce lawyer but the courts are closed since the pandemic, what can you do? You can open a website and write about everything that you think your reader might want to read. These blogs help you understand the process of divorce even without filing one.

Subniche Ideas for Divorce Blogs:

  • Men’s rights and laws
  • Women’s rights and laws
  • Divorce under 40
  • Afterlife
  • Managing funds


These are a few helpful blogs you need to read if you’re going through or planning to make such a niche, Wevorce, Divorced at 50, I am Divorced not Dead, Men’s Divorce Law Blog, etc. These blogs talk about rights, family laws, adoption, and alimony.

23. Relationship advice

Dating and relationship is quite a major concern with youngsters these days and they do need counseling and advice regarding maintaining relationships and how. Hence this can make one of the ideal profitable niche ideas for starting your blog that makes a great passive income.

Subniche Ideas for Dating and Relationship Blogs:

  • Female/Male dating advice
  • Plus Size dating service
  • Millionaire dating
  • Same Gender dating
  • Advice for religious people


Practical Intimacy, I believe, Love and Life, The Feminine Woman, Moments with Jerry, and The Art of Love Podcast are some of the best dating and relationship blog niches to read.

Relationship and dating blogs are forever, so it tops the list when it comes to being most profitable as there is a lot of money in dating advice.

24. Family holidays

Some families face confusion while going out on family trips, you can suggest locations apt for family outings, where to stay, how to plan, and a lot more. This can be a future scope as the lockdown opens and the world is a better place to live in.

Subniche Ideas for Family travel and holiday Blogs:

  • Roadtrips
  • Traveling with Kids
  • Christian travel trips
  • Eco Touristy destinations
  • Budget-Friendly travel ideas for family


My Family Travels, The Travel Expert, Roadtrips for Families, The Barefoot Nomad Travel, Family Travel Magazine, Wanderlust Storytellers, and Baby Can Travel are some of the blogs you should rely on to get inspired. 

Families are of various kinds, there are old age people, there are babies, and sometimes comes with more conflicts and confusion rises the chances of your blogs getting successful if you choose to pick a smaller niche and serve their purpose.

25. Garden

You can easily convert your love for gardening into a full-time job if you plan to blog about it. Gardening has also been an emerging hobby while the quarantine hit, so tips and tricks on better gardening, tools, and equipment to grow better plants are growing day by day. Such blogs will also have a scope of performing well.

Subniche Ideas for gardening Blogs:

  • Gardening containers
  • Planting and growing tips
  • Growing indoor plants/ growing plants indoors
  • Single plant/vegetable growing process/tips


Content-wise, Gardening has a huge scope. Sticking to a smaller niche, and trying affiliate marketing to promote blogs would be a great idea to move forward. Garden Tower Project can help get different types of affiliate products in case you plan to start an Affiliate Gardening Website.

26. Pregnancy and childcare

New Mommies are the customers you need. People have a lot of confusion during the period of their pregnancies and there are millions of Burning questions revolving around these topics that need to be cleared up. Hence this can make one of the ideal profitable niche ideas for starting your blog.

Subniche Ideas for Pregnancy-based Blogs:

  • Baby Apparel
  • Baby Products and Toys
  • Maternity Clothing
  • Babysitting
  • Breastfeeding


The best way to monetize these blogs is through affiliate marketing. You can also think of selling sustainable baby products targeted to a specific audience and generating sales through ads of different kinds.

If you’re still confused about Maternity blogs, refer to websites like Rookie Moms, The Birth Hour, Pregnancy & Newborn, Alpha Mom, The Bump Blog, etc.

27. Education

Education as a niche is nothing new to us. This is one of those niches that will last forever and we need new data, and new techniques for students to learn new things always. Hence this can make one of the ideal profitable niche ideas for starting your blog.

Homeroom, Mindshift, Edutopia, and moonshot Jr are some of the popular websites to refer to before you start one.

Subniche Ideas for Education Domain Blogs:

  • Online Learning
  • Learning Apps from Home
  • Tutorials on how to use these apps
  • Reviews for Education Tools
  • Distance Education
  • Adult Education


Education can never go irrelevant. Display ads may not be the best way to monetize it while selling courses or promoting courses will help more.

As a teacher, you can also think of donations and sponsors as a part of monetization. Try affiliates if you step into Lesson plans, Edtech, Tools would work wonders.

28. Study hacks

Again Just like how important education as a niche is, so are Study hacks, students and adults keep on looking out for hacks that are genuine and that work.

You can talk about school habits and study skills, how to perform productive, valuable, and meaningful while working on projects, and presentations, avoid plagiarism pitfalls, etc.

Subniche Ideas for Education Domain Blogs:

  • Online Learning
  • Learning Apps from Home
  • Studying hacks for focus
  • Writing plagiarism-free projects
  • Productivity


Some of the Study Websites to follow include The Study Blog, Rhode Island Tutorial and Educational Services, Study With Jess, Ways To Study, Study TV.

Again, promoting affiliate products may not be the best way to monetize study blogs but selling courses on skills improvement will help a lot.

29. Social media detox

The future is Social media, while it is getting a major source of income for a lot it also results in messy mental health, and hence people do look out for tips that can help them reduce social media anxiety and a yes to social media detox, big time!

Subniche Ideas for Social Media Detox Blogs:

  • Detox as a Marketer
  • Digital Detox as an Audience
  • How to not get affected by Social Media Trends
  • Reducing Anxiety due to Social Media
  • Ways to Divert your mind bits of advice


At some point social media gets to us, making us anxious on different levels. With growing digitalization, mental health issues related to digital media have also increased hence there is a much more audience o tap into, mostly on the younger side.

Want to know more about the term, one of the best blogs I have found so far is Declutter The Mind, hence I would suggest you to refer this one for sure.

30. News

Updating about what’s happening around the world starts as an initial source of business blogging and is never-ending. You need a newspaper every day right? So yes, a News blog can never go wrong.

Subniche Ideas for New Blogs:

  • Movie Updates
  • Current Affairs
  • Fashion News
  • Stock Market
  • Politics
  • Sports


Some of the News Websites are USA News, NBC News, NDTV, CNN, etc. There are huge websites that work for news, hence tapping into news websites to compete with huge sites like CNN can be a risky situation.

The only way to move forward in this domain is to start a very niche down the topic, but sure is one of those evergreen articles to tap on.

What Does a Blogger Do?

A blogger is a person who writes about a different topic about specific niches and the content that they write is called a blog. A beginner Blogger of any domain earns up to $300-500 a month whereas a Professional Blogger earns $10,000 or more. 

It is quite safe to say that Blogging is a profitable online business idea and one can build successful businesses through Blogging.

Before diving into the Profitable Blog Niche Ideas, let’s first learn the basics of blogging and what the different types of Blogs are so you know a bit more about your niches.

5 Different Types of Blogs

These are the different types of Blogs a blogger/writer writes about. All of them can help you reach heights in the business of Blogging. They majorly consist of 5 different types Personal Blog, Business Blog, Affiliate Blog, Niche Blog, and Service-Marketing Blogs about which I am going to brief you below:

1. Personal Blog 

It’s one of the oldest forms of blogs, the bloggers used to write about their personal things on a website and put it out for the visitors to vibe in.

They write their stories for the readers to feel the same and it was successful as a lot of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty bloggers rose to fame by writing their stories. 

To have a successful Personal Blog, you’ll have to focus on building a Personal Brand for yourself. People should be able to recognize your name in this domain.

2. Business Blog

A Business blog posts articles according to their service and niche and earn through different sources of income.

They use typical marketing techniques to get users on board and get a specific readership, tech blogs, fashion magazines like Vogue, etc work like that.

A Blogger needs to apply to Bigger Business Firms to be able to get experience in this field.

3. Affiliate Blog

These can be Business or personal blogs too, as affiliate blogs, they promote products of other brands and also hence earn through commissions other than Ad Networks.

You add yourself to commission-based brands like Sale a Sale and products of different brands which will help you earn much more than just ads.

You might have seen Beauty bloggers promoting products, you can check Byrdie, that is the example right there!

4. Niche Blog

Niche blogs are dedicated to a very small audience and they cater to a specific audience. It can be anything that you like to write about that can including Interior, lifestyle, home decor, tech, health blogs, etc.

Some successful Niche Blog ideas for 2023 can be Food, Tech, Business, Travel, Making Money Online, Education, etc.

5. Service-Marketing Blog

These Blogs are also business-based blogs whose focus is to sell services. These services-based blogs play a mini part in the whole website but it still does the major part of selling.

Makeup artists, Stylists, Marketing, SEO, and Content Writing, are some of the services in the Fashion Niche to try on.


Blogging in 2023 is as relevant as blogging a few years back. 

Although people guess that it’s become quite a saturated place, trust me it’s all about the quality of your content and its quantity as Google pushes the active and frequent blogs more than the old and inactive ones so the more you keep writing the more you get relevant.

 Well, there were a few profitable blog niche ideas that you can check before starting a blog. In case this article inspires you to start your blog, here’s what we’ve got for you!

For any blog or any other, you may need web hosting anyway! Bluehost is known as one of the best Web Hosts, claimed by a lot of bloggers in general out there. 


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