Top 20 Sites for Online Education with Free courses

Education is ever-changing and growing. Gone are the days when traditional classroom setup was the only way of getting educated.

Even if distant learning and online education were familiar words with the masses and were booming at extravagant rates, the sites for Online education has broken all records after the world is hit by a pandemic.

Even if online education degrees seem to be forced into our lifestyle in some way, it’s for all good reasons.

The flexibility of location and time of study is one of the major reasons, at your own learning pace, and you have 100% freedom to choose the courses you want to learn.

Remote education has been a thing in the corporate sector as they’ve enumerated it in online training of staff and employees.

It adds to a more effective format of learning to keep yourself self-aware of your strengths and weakness.

Hence, more and more online education courses are coming up for students & teachers so that they can get hands-on skills that they want to learn from the comfort of their homes!

20 Sites for Online Education with Free courses

Here’s the list of 20 Sites for Online Education and Learning you can check for various subjects to learn from. 

1. Havard Online Courses

If Business development or STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are the subjects then the best way to involve yourself in these is by getting enrolled in the course Harvard university provides.

Havard Online education courses provide a mix of programs free and paid versions that start from $25 to even more.

Most courses are self-paced where they provide lectures and study materials also.

2. Oxford University Podcasts

Podcasts are a modern way of educating and educating people. Oxford university podcasts are free of cost, and there are multiple subjects available according to your favorite subjects that include philosophy and business or even global politics, history, and archaeology.

There are multiple episodes hosted by different professions, while also providing study materials.

3. Skillcrush

If you’re focused on learning Coding, Skillcrush can help you provide that. There are free and paid courses that add design, user experience, digital marketing, and HTML coding, etc.

This online education portal helps students learn the basics and charges for more in-depth classes with 24*7 support.

4. Skillshare

Skillshare is an emerging online education platform that consists of more creative professionals and independent teachers who can also be independent artists, YouTubers, or podcasters.

The is much variety of courses in this education platform while mostly you’ll see the creative subjects.

Whether you want to be a professionally skilled person or just for a hobby, skillshare courses are one of the best creative online education so far.

5. Udemy

Udemy is an established professional online education site that provides paid courses ranging from $10 to $500 depending on the class and teacher.

It could be on an expensive end if we talk about fees, but the content is quite worth it as offers a wide range of classes on traditional educational topics.

6. Open Learning Initiative

Carnegie Mellon University brings the “independent learner courses” that are called Open Initiative Learning.

These courses are free of cost, all you need to do is create an account and add the lists of courses you want to attend/join.

You’ll find resources from business management and computer programming, to every subject that you can ever imagine.

7. Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a smart search tool and a good place to start your journey as it collects free and best courses from schools and colleges around the world to get you the best resources when it comes to online education.

The courses offered in Academic Earth are free.

8. LinkedIn Learning

Formerly known as, LinkedIn Learning provides you with subscriptions starting from $19.9/month.

You get a variety of resources that have video content and tutorials to make online education even easy and more interesting to use.

You can also choose courses related to specific skills that you need in your job.

9. iTunes U

Being an Apple product, it comes as a boon for Apple users. iTunes U comes with a collection of courses and tutorials on different subjects, lectures from leading universities, and get access to video and audio lectures.

Some schools these days also use iTunes U as part of their online classes, where people can ask questions and teachers to respond, plus submit work and receive grades.

10. Hack Design

If you want to make your career in design, Hack Design is one of the best online education platforms.

They provide weekly design lessons via mail, and blogs where you get curated and fundamental courses of design for free.

In addition, you get access to talented thought leaders and new experiences, that help you build your skill stronger.

11. General Assembly 

If Design, Business, and technology are the subjects that interest you, General assembly is the online platform you must choose to educate yourself.

With campuses in more than 30 cities, a mix of full-time and part-time classes online plus workshops, free training, and coding events that you are free to choose from.

12. EdX 

Havard and MIT come together, with edX it has taught more than 20 million students so far.

A non-profit organization that brings you subjects like computer science, languages, engineering, psychology, writing, electronics, biology, and marketing while all of the courses are for free.

They also provide certificates for completing specific courses but you’ll have to pay for that.

13. Coursera

Called Coursera of Europe, this Berlin-based online education site brings European and international courses for free.

They have also added certifications and verifications where you can get your certificates of completing a course.

Although most of the courses are for free, you might find a few paid courses as well.

14. Drawspace 

Ready to start a new creative hobby? Drawspace brings you Fine arts and drawing courses to bring your creative side on paper where you learn the basics of drawing and painting through advanced elements, drawing people, and even techniques such as creating art with tea bags or making your own colors.

There is a mix of free and paid courses here.

15. Alison

Created by experts of different fields, Alison brings you an online education platform to educate you in categories like marketing, health, humanities, science, and technology.

Although the foundation courses are for free, the advanced classes are paid for. There’s enough data for all the subjects that you might want to pursue.

16. Khan Academy 

A non-profit organization that involves free learning courses about every subject of life. They provide you with a free content library and mini-lectures to keep you enlightened.

They have a mix of video and text-based materials in math, science, economics, humanities, and a bit of computer programming, anything that you please, which is very ideal for anybody to use.

17. Better Explained

Better explained is an online education site that brings interesting classes, articles, and lessons. They also provide individual lessons, most of them are free.

You can also purchase who module in form of PDFs that will contain textbook references, videos, and tutorials for better understanding.

18. Canvas Network 

Canvas Network is an online education platform that brings educators access to professional courses and programs, and some of its courses are also open to the public.

You can sign up with your email and get access to the courses you like to attend. It’s also available under an open license, which means want to ultimately create your content and lesson plans, you can do that too.

19. Bloc 

If Web designing and development is your thing, Bloc is the online platform you need.

The modules are intense and high value, the courses don’t come as cheap as the other courses, but it is apt for people who want to invest less time but huge value learning overall.

20. Lifehack

Lifehack comes with different courses that make your day-to-day life, easy. They offer assessments, books, and classes plus a podcast video series all for free.

The courses offered in Lifehack are not theoretical subjects but it contains hacks about daily life struggles and how to make it easy.

Why is Online Education Important?

Online education is considered to be the future of Education. Not only that it fits the modern lifestyle and give freedom to study from anywhere and anytime, but online learning also reduces the cost of studying and living to far-off destinations. 


These were the top 20 online education sites that help you study from the comfort of your home.

With advanced technology in the process, there would be even better opportunities and certifications just as traditional classes as the future is going to be Digital.

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