Top Social Media Trends That Will Rule the Apps in 2023

Facts and data are enough to predict which social media trends will be popular in 2023. Integrating performance and consumer choice data can paint a clear picture of the coming year. 

We’re not talking about which TikTok videos will go viral in a few months. We’re talking about what’s driving audience behavior and where your brand fits in.

With the fall of Facebook, the emergence of Reels, and the tumultuous transition of Twitter, it appears that we have seen it all. But, analysts predict that the year 2023 will be even more surprising.

Social media trends change every year and it’s crucial to keep yourself updated on those terms. With so much content available to consumers, people have become more conscious of the quality of the stuff they consume.

Social media marketing (SMM) brands who work with various influencers also help decide social media trends.

This means that if your brand is out of touch with current trends and consequently uninteresting to audiences, you will fail to catch their attention.

Understanding the media trends will allow you to generate material around those hot issues, which will undoubtedly have higher impressions on social media and will be picked up more frequently by customers.

Creating relevant material to a media trend can keep your audience interested.

Here Are the 17 Top Social Media Trends That Will Rule the Apps in 2023:

1. Edutainment will rule for the longest

Edutainment isn’t just for kids anymore. A few sectors have recognized the significance of providing entertaining, instructive content. Everyone will be able to join in on the excitement in 2023.

Last year, marketers in the finance area saw tremendous success in crafting smart, save-worthy content. Check out Chime’s TikTok account to see what we mean.

Their content strikes a balance between laughs about personal financial issues and truly valuable money management advice.

2. BeReal will be a turning point for influencers

BeReal was one of 2022’s hottest social media trends. The new child on the block pleased users while perplexing marketers.

After all, what are we supposed to do with an app that doesn’t reward consistent usage? While many will try to figure out how to sell their brand on the network, you can embrace this as an opportunity to zoom out. 

Understanding why vertical networks, closed communities, and apps like BeReal are growing while consumer social media weariness rises will be critical in developing your strategy.

3. Sustainability will be spoken of differently

For the past several years, brands have publicly announced their environmental sustainability goals to suit the needs of aware consumers. Many people are now choosing a more subdued approach.

This technique, known as “green-hushing,” is a reaction to the fear of being called out for greenwashing.

Several nonprofit watchdog organizations are dedicated to exposing false sustainability claims. Overstating your brand’s policies might place a whole company in hot water.

4. Social commerce will get up and dust itself off

Social commerce was the social media topic of everyone’s attention in late 2020 and 2021. Then, when recession fears grew, it was quickly pushed to the sidelines. Networks scaled back functionality, brands made strategic shifts, and we all braced ourselves for whatever lies next.

By the end of 2022, there had been a record-breaking Black Friday/Cyber Monday, an increase in spending on luxury goods, and the reintroduction of “haul” videos on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Despite a bleak economic outlook, individuals are still spending on their favorite must-haves and conducting their shopping research on social media.

5. Social customer care will become huge

When individuals contact a brand via social media, the best-case scenario is usually a timely answer. Now, astute brands are upping those expectations. Companies like Notion, Tumblr, and others are going above and beyond in inbound message responses to acquire organic social marketing traction. 

Whether they make you giggle or simply make you feel heard, it produces a great experience for the customer and everyone else who sees the brand reaction in their feed.

6. Employee advocacy will be the social media trend

Employee advocacy has long been a hidden social media marketing gem. It will take center stage this year, thanks to a pricey paid ad environment and dwindling organic reach.

Businesses that have already launched advocacy programs report increased brand recognition and qualified job seekers, as well as greater control over brand messaging and thought leadership.

7. Short Video will maintain to rule

Bite-sized videos have been the most watched content on social media all across the world since the birth of Tik Tok. The autoplay feature’s engagement-driving attractiveness is the reason for its success and excellent ROI. The restriction on TikTok in India has encouraged new companies to emerge, with reels being the most successful, followed by Moj, Likee, and Youtube Shorts.

8. Rise of nano influencers

Nano influencers would get far more interaction than famous influencers due to their authenticity. This is because nano influencers are consumers who have become influencers, making their content much more relatable to their audience and hence driving sales. As a result, brands will be on the lookout for these non-influencers in 2023.

9. Self-scheduling for the platform

Twitter and Facebook have long enabled native post-scheduling. Meta enabled businesses to plan content from their Instagram accounts via the Facebook Creative Studio in 2020.

Finally, in 2022, LinkedIn and Instagram jumped on board and began investigating this functionality. Companies and content providers should brace themselves for a new manner of managing content as the two native scheduling newcomers test their new features.

10. AI for content creation

It is simply a program that swiftly draughts social media posts or identifies new advertising channels. As it is exposed to more data, the software improves. AI is expected to grow at a rate of 120% every year.

But keep in mind that artificial intelligence will never match the power of personalized, authentic content. You can produce new notions and caption ideas by using these resources.

11. Twitter is going into controversial 

Since Elon Musk purchased Twitter in April, the network has been trending. Since then, it’s been a roller coaster ride, from the 50% layoff to the blue tick controversy. To be honest, no one can foretell what will happen to the platform in 2023. But Twitter will undoubtedly make waves again in 2023.

12. Augmented reality on the rise

According to Shopify, AR content converts 94% more frequently than traditional content. Augmented reality (AR) enhances real-world digital interactions by adding appealing overlays of computer pictures. Snapchat Lenses introduced this trend to the social media world in 2015. 

During the last few years, brands have been experimenting with in-app features such as in-room product visualization, virtual clothes try-on, games, home tours, cross-app integrations, and more, particularly with the growth of social commerce.

13. Businesses will experiment with emerging networks

Keep an eye on some of the new social networks that are sprouting. You’re likely to create a new brand account on at least one of them in 2023.

Core network reorganizations in 2022 led consumers to feel devalued in favor of earnings and corporate dealings. Many people are now looking for their new favorite internet nook.

14. YouTube Shorts Take Off

Keep an eye on some of the new social networks, while we’re on the subject of rising platforms. You’ll almost certainly be building a new brand account on at least one of them in 2023.

In 2022, fundamental network reorganizations left consumers feeling devalued in favor of profits and commercial transactions. Many people are now looking for their next favorite internet spot.

15. Rise of LinkedIn Creators

Did you know LinkedIn is older than Facebook? Therefore, why is it on our list of social media trends to watch in 2023? Two words: organic involvement. Creators are taking to the site, injecting individuality into their contributions, and establishing themselves as experts in their particular fields.

16. Gated Content 

There is an increasing trend towards gated content for a variety of reasons, including, Tired of seeing “recommended material” on social media feeds, artists and brands wanting a closer relationship with their most devoted fans, Artists who desire to “own” their work outside of the ever-changing social media platforms.

17. Storytelling Is Less Linear 

The concept of delivering a tale halfway through rather than at the beginning is one trend we’ve noticed in 2022 that we believe will take off in 2023.

It’s the ultimate hook, whether it’s decoding a popular issue or giving a sound bite that will stop viewers in their tracks and make them want to catch up.

The account @nolitadirtbag is a prime example. Its mysterious designer makes witty gags for very specific New York fashion communities.

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