30 Sustainable Fashion Bloggers who Promote Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion Bloggers who promote Sustainable fashion have been the talk of the town for quite a while now. While the world is by a pandemic, there’s an emerging shift of consumers towards sustainable and ethical fashion.

We’ve already spoken about different sustainable fashion brands you can check on.

Here we’re going to talk about the Sustainable fashion Bloggers who believe in promoting conscious and ethical fashion, who inspire us to make more woken fashion choices, and who are doing great by encouraging their audiences to switch to being more ethical than buying fast fashion in general.

Top 30 Sustainable Fashion Bloggers

Céline Semaan@celinecelines
Kat Eves@styleethic
Mary-Alice Duff@maryalice_duff
Lauren Singer@trashisfortossers
Clare Press@mrspress
Aja Barber@ajabarber
Emma Slade Edmondson@emsladedmondson
Lydia Okello@styleisstyle
Venetia La Manna@venetialamanna
Marina Testino@marinatestino
Daria Andronescu@dariaandronescu
Natalie Kay@sustainablychic
Marielle Elizabeth@marielle.elizabeth
Dominique Drakeford@dominiquedrakeford
Sydney Grace@ohhhhhhhhhoney
Carmen Jenny@carmitive
Shannon Buckley@shannydoots
Jasmine Hemsley@jasminehemsley
Michelle Chavez@michelleforgood
Beth Lucy@bethlucyblogs
Aditi Mayer@aditimayer
Petra Alexandra@petraalexandra

1. Céline Semaan


Celine Semaan is a sustainable fashion blogger who writes for The Cut, Elle, Refinery29, and Huffington Post, among others. In addition, she’s the founder of Slow Factory which works with companies to research and implement sustainability-focused initiatives.

2. Kat Eves


A strong believer that the future of fashion should be ethical and sustainable, Kat Eves is an ethical stylist who is a firm believer that all shapes and sizes are beautiful. She also does a weekly podcast with comedians Jenny Zigrino and Gaudy Positive.

3. Mary-Alice Duff 


A small business owner who also is a sustainable fashion blogger whose passion is to help women be aware of ethical fashion and its importance. She’s well-versed in business tricks for small ethical business owners. 

4. Lauren Singer


Lauren Singer is an ethical and wellness influencer who lives in “alignment with your values” as she promotes a zero-waste lifestyle and sustainable fashion. You’ll see a lot of vintage vibes on her feed so if you like something like that, do check her out.

5. Clare Press 


Presenter of the infamous fashion podcast “The Wardrobe Crisis”, Clare Press is a sustainable fashion influencer who invites guests and talks about culture, sustainability, ethics, activism, etc. She’s also the first Vogue sustainability editor.

6. Aja Barber


Aja Barbar is a sustainable fashion blogger and consultant as she educates her followers on effective buying choices ace, ethics, intersectional feminism, and how systems of power affect our buying habits. If you’re interested in deeper and more effective ethical choices, check her feed!

7. Emma Slade Edmondson


Emma Slade Edmondson is a sustainable fashion blogger who talks about modern sustainability, retail insights, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, and Brand Development, she’s a queen in this domain!

8. Estelle 


Estelle is a Paris-based sustainable fashion influencer who brings a dreamy vision to conscious clothing. She talks about eco-friendly fashion brands and promotes a similar lifestyle. She vows by I love the spirit of “responsible dressing”: basics we always take pleasure in wearing” 

9. Lydia Okello 


Vancouver-based writer, plus-size model, and sustainable fashion influencer, Lydia Okello started her blog in 2008. Her style is fun, unique, and colorful, something everybody would relate to. She’s definitely an influencer to check out.

10. Corinna


Corinna’s casual and effortless style inspires most of her followers. She is a sole supporter of consuming ethically, hence making sustainable choices. Her feed is filled with vintage finds mixed with ethical brands talking about timeless classics in her feed.

11. Venetia La Manna


Venetia La Manna is a sustainable fashion blogger and podcaster who is on a slow fashion mission”. Her feed is fun, colorful, and filled with sustainable fashion brands. She’s also an environmentalist who promotes plant-based living and every aspect of mindful consumption, sharing practical tips to reduce fast fashion consumption.

12. Marina Testino 


Marina Testino is a New York-based sustainable fashion blogger who boasts of being an outfit repeater and starts outfit repeating initiatives to aware people of fast fashion and how fashion consumerism is affecting the planet negatively.

13. Leah 


Leah is an Australian sustainable fashion influencer whose feed is all casual, minimal, and ethical. She’s an inspiration to many young fashion entrepreneurs due to her style.

14. Daria Andronescu


Daria Andronescu is a sustainable fashion blogger who’s also a YouTuber, known for her Capsule Wardrobe styling tips as she puts importance on maintaining a capsule wardrobe. At the heart of Wonder, Wardrobe is the desire to help people be more sustainable with their clothing choices, Daria is increasing awareness about fast fashion reduction.

15. Natalie Kay


Natalie Kay started her journey as a sustainable blogger when she started her blog that spoke solely about Sustainable fashion and ethical fashion brands. Natalie has an extensive background in the fashion industry, hence she raises awareness of wearing ethics.

16. Marielle Elizabeth 


Marielle Elizabeth is a plus-size sustainable fashion blogger who advocates for ethical fashion for plus-size. Her Instagram feed is vibrant, colorful, and inspiring so many plus-sized women! She specializes in content creation, product styling, managing, and consulting social media accounts talking about Body Positivity on her profile.

17. Dominique Drakeford 


Dominique Drakeford the founder of Melaninass (for Melanin and Sustainable Style) has been redefining ethical fashion and slow fashion where she writes about covering topics such as equity in sustainable fashion, sustainability literacy, and anti-racism.

18. Sydney Grace


Sydney Grace advocates a sustainable closet. Her Instagram feed is colorful and talks about topics from outfit inspirations and brow stuff to body positivity and creative skincare routines.

19. Carmen Jenny


Carmen Jenny is an ethical fashion blogger who’s also an editor in Bazaar Germany. She’s a voice for conscious fashion and sustainability and her Instagram feed talks about the same. Her personal style is relatable and practical styling is all you’ll see!

20. Mariana 


Mariana is a sustainable fashion blogger and a lawyer who writes and posts about fashion consumerism, fast fashion, and making conscious choices. Join her on the journey of discovering new sustainable brands on her Instagram.

21. Shannon Buckley


Shannon Buckley is an ethical and conscious blogger as she unfolds the journey of promoting ethical brands that are transparent about how the products are made. Her style tips are easy and recreate, her followers absolutely love her content.

22. Jasmine Hemsley 


Jasmine Hemsley is a sustainable fashion blogger, nutrition, and wellness expert who believes in making ethical choices in fashion and lifestyle. She advocates making conscious decisions about everything around and promoting brands that are transparent about their making.

23. Candice 


Candice is a Canadian sustainable fashion influencer who is on her journey of exploring a sustainable lifestyle as she promotes a “zero waste lifestyle” and loves to keep her Instagram family aware of it.

24. Michelle Chavez


Based out of Los Angeles, Michelle Chavez is a conscious fashion influencer who promotes products that don’t harm nature or promote worker exploitation in any way. She’s also the co-founder of ” The Tote Projects” which sells amazing sustainable designer bags and also empowers sex trafficking survivors by employing them.

25. Jessica


Jessica is a sustainable blogger who promotes sustainable fashion and lifestyle. Based out of the US, Jessica’s feed is all about cute outfits, ethical choices of fabric, and living a life that promotes local artists who do sustainability.

26. Beth Lucy


Since a teenager, Beth Lucy is writing about sustainable fashion, travel, and reading which she truly enjoys. Based out of the US, Beth’s feed is all about how you can look your stylish best using sustainable clothing and creating cute outfits for teen outfit inspiration.

27. Kathleen


Since 2009, she’s writing about sustainable fashion and lifestyle. Based out of the US, Kathleen’s feed is all about how you can look your stylish best using sustainable clothing while she focuses primarily on worker trafficking and women’s issues.

28. Kara


A San-Fransisco-based sustainable fashion blogger whose colorful and vibrant feed is something you fall for. Her style aesthetic is so chic and comfy, making fashion statements but keeping it slow. 

29. Aditi Mayer


Aditi Mayer is a Los Angeles-based sustainable fashion blogger, who supports slow fashion and social issues. She talks about unity activism and ethical fashion.

30. Petra Alexandra


Alexandra is based out of Canada, her closet is a mixture of Californian and Canadian inspiration. She believes in repeating clothes, and less consumption of new purchases. Her feed is all about repeating clothes, and multiple ways of styling the same and you’ll fall in love with her feed.

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