Top American Beauty Influencer to follow in 2023

Beauty Influencers are the best and easy way to follow makeup. Be it to stay updated on the latest makeup trends or learn the little hacks as a beginner, top beauty influencers have it all covered.

With the wide range of representation of bold looks and out-of-the-box style that challenges mainstream, conventional beauty, there’s a lot to learn and get inspired by these beauty bloggers.

We’re listing the top beauty influencers you can get inspired by, for easy makeup trends, you can also check out our latest post on popular makeup trends to stay updated on easy makeup looks to recreate.

Let’s dive in!

You can also check out Beauty Bloggers from different countries as we list the best beauty bloggers from Canada and Vietnam! We’ve got your makeup inspiration in check!

1. Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni

With more than 27.3 million followers on Instagram, she’s an Italian blogger and a businesswoman, founder of, a fashion blog that has turned into a global retail business, who’s and model who has collaborated with fashion and beauty brands through her blog.

2. James Charles @jamescharles

James Charles Dickinson is an American beauty YouTuber and makeup artist who posts a variety of makeup tutorials on his Youtube and Instagram. With a community of 23 million followers on Instagram, his feed is full of trendy makeup looks to get inspired.

3. Becky G @iambeckyg

Rebbeca Marie Gomez, known professionally as Becky G, is an American singer and a makeup enthusiast with more than 32 million followers on Instagram she inspires a lot of aspiring singers and makeup artists. She also is the founder of @treslucebeauty.

4. Jeffrey Star @jeffreestar

Jeffree Star is an American YouTuber, entrepreneur, makeup artist, and the owner of @jeffreestarcosmetics and @staryakranch. Her Youtube channel has a subscription of 16 million users and Instagram has 13 million followers whom he inspires.

5. Bretman Rock @bretmanrock

Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforge is a Filipino-American beauty influencer and social media personality based in Honolulu. He started his career with a makeup-based Youtube Channel where his audience related to him as he incorporated makeup and humor that everybody loves.

6. Nikkie de Jager @nikkietutorials

Nikkie de Jager, better known by her YouTube channel name NikkieTutorials, is a Dutch makeup artist and beauty vlogger who rose to fame in 2015 when her makeup challenges started going viral. Founder of @nimya as she focuses on Nimya you get to create your own which many people love.

7. Makeup By Mario @makeupbymario

Make-up Mario is one of the world’s most-followed and influential makeup artists, it was only a matter of time before Mario Dedivanovic created his own brand as he inspired products and tools developed with the professional artist in mind by two decades of groundbreaking makeup artistry that provides with highest formulas.

8. Naomi Giannopoulos @vegas_nay

With more than 6 million followers on Instagram by the name @vegas_nay, Naomi experienced makeup artist with more than two decades of experience who has taken her talents to the internet. From simple looks for the beginning and subtle makeup looks to professional glam, she’s got it all.

9. Jaclyn Hill @jaclynhill

Jaclyn Roxanne Hill is an American entrepreneur and internet personality who gained popularity via her YouTube channel, with more than 7.4 million followers on Instagram. Jaclyn Hill’s beauty mantra is: it’s more than just makeup. And she created Jaclyn Cosmetics for every boss babe out there who loves makeup while celebrating her entrepreneurial journey.

10. Lauren Conrad @laurenconrad

Lauren Conrad is a tv actress, beauty influencer, and designer she’s the owner of  @laurenconradfragrance, and designs for @lclaurenconrad and @lclittleco. With more than 5 million followers on Instagram, she’s an influencer one should look up to for inspiration.

11. Nikita Dragun @nikitadragun

Nikita Dragun

Nikita Nguyen, also known professionally as Nikita Dragun is a YouTuber, model, and make-up artist who started her youtube channel 5 years ago. With more than 9 million followers on Instagram, also starred in the web series Nikita Unfiltered and has a net worth is $3 million as of 2022. Her makeup looks are easy to create and there’s something for everybody.

12. Amra Olevic Reyes @amrezy

An American makeup artist, fashion, makeup blogger, YouTuber, and social media influencer, Amra Reyes is famous for their gorgeous makeup and lifestyle content that makes inspiring a lot of people on Instagram.

13. Aimee Song @aimeesong

Aimee Song is an American fashion blogger and fashion designer and has a follower base of 6.5 Million people. She’s been New York Times Bestselling Author and has been a part of Forbes 30 Under 30 for running a blog named Song Of Style. You can explore her collection at @Songofstyle.

14. Desi Perkins @desiperkins

Desi Perkins is one of the most influential beauty content creators in the digital space, with millions of highly engaged followers, a celebrity makeup artist, and a beauty vlogger who has built a highly engaged audience of 4.4 million audiences on her Instagram. She’s known for the best nude makeup look that looks chic and glam for aspiring makeup artists.

15. Rachel Levin @rclbeauty101

With more than 3 million followers on Instagram, known online as RCLBeauty101, she had over 8 million subscribers to her YouTube 2016, and over 60 million views for her video Disney Princess Slumber Party that had over 60 million views for her video Disney Princess Slumber Party which helped her rise to fame.

16. Kathleen Lights @kathleenlights

An American YouTuber, Style Haul partner, and beauty guru who makes beauty videos on Instagram and Youtube for a living. Since starting her first YouTube channel ‘Kathleen Lights‘, is also the founder of @lightslacquer @lightslabel as she works on cruelty-free and vegan lacquer with a vibe of luxury.

17. Huda Kattan @huda

Huda Kattan Iraqi is an American makeup artist, beauty blogger, and entrepreneur who is the founder of @hudabeauty. With her massive present-day following—more than 59.3 million across her three Instagram accounts alone she’s one of the popular self-care influencers one must follow.

18. Michelle Phan @michellephan

An American Beauty YouTuber is the owner of the cosmetics line EM Cosmetics, a multimillion-dollar brand. Known for her gorgeous nude makeup that looks dewy and natural, she is a digital pioneer, who trail-blazed the world of beauty on YouTube!

19. Nicole Guerriero @nicoleguerriero

Makeup and beauty guru with an enormous social media following who was named Ryan Seacrest Best Beauty Guru of 2013 and started a blog named Naturally Nicole afterward. She’s someone who is well-versed in everything related to makeup and beauty as she has more than 1.8 million followers on her Instagram.

20. Ingrid Nilsen @ingridnilsen

Ingrid Nilsen started her career by launching her YouTube channel in 2009 as a means of overcoming her fear of public speaking, the internet celeb, vlogger, and fashion where she tapped into deeper conversations about beauty and international living. From over three million YouTube subscribers that she was retiring from influencing, she also has a community of 1 million followers on Instagram.

21. Gabriel Zamora @gabrielzamora

Best known for his bronzed looks, ipsy stylist and beauty influencer Gabriel Zamora is a makeup influencer who started making makeup vlogs in 2014. He also became known as the first male artist to sign with Michelle Phan’s beauty community called Ipsy and now has more than 770k followers on Instagram.

22. Tess Christine @tesschristinexo

Tess Christine is known for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content on Youtube and Instagram. With over 700k followers on Instagram, she’s also the founder of @tesschristinexo. Her feed is all about classic cute girl aesthetics which are fun to recreate.

23. Claire Marshall @heyclaire

LA-based Makeup Artist turned Beauty & Lifestyle Vlogger, Claire has a follower count of 600k she’s a beauty guru and a makeup artist that has a huge influence on her people.

24. Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth @stephhjelmeseth

Chinese-American Creative and Mother, Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth, is a makeup influencer who focuses on clean and vegan beauty with a community of 111k followers on Instagram, is also the founder of

25. Rosa @beautybyrosita

A makeup blogger and vlogger, Rosa NYC Beauty Vlogger + MUA runs a youtube channel that contains various makeup tutorials and challenges that are fun to watch!

26. Eman @eman

An Egyptian-Canadian makeup blogger, and influencer who posts regular content on her youtube and Instagram, specializes in Bridal and evening glam in specific. She’s also the co-founder of @thekairgroup and @syxxbeauty.

27. Alexandra Beth @alexandrasgirlytalk

Alexandrasgirlytalk is a famous fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer who has a huge following of 173k on Instagram and over 3.2 million subscribers on Youtube! You can look up to her for easy fresh and natural makeup looks for regular purposes as she does the most effortless makeup in this domain.

28. Sona Gasparian @sonagasparian

A professional makeup artist where youtube channel contains all things Beauty, Skincare, Hair, Fashion, and Lifestyle. Helping to bring out the best version of you, Sona Gasparian is the influencer you must, look up to as she’s the one-stop destination for us all.

29. Melisssa Alatorre @melissaalatorre

The Mexican-American freelance makeup artist who showcases her artistry on a self-titled YouTube channel (as a graphic design student, her love for art continues), Melissa is a makeup vlogger who has more than 600k subscribers on her youtube channel inspiring the lot.

30. Jkissa @jkissa

Jkissa is a makeup and beauty influencer who hails from small-town Oregon girls with big-city dreams. She loves to experiment with makeup and how it photographs Her Instagram has more than 250k followers and youtube has 300k subscribers!

31. Haley Wight @cosmobyhaley

Famously known for her channel Cosmo by Haley, she’s a makeup professional, Master Microblader & Brow Lamination Artist, Makeup Artist & YouTuber. She also sells courses for you to learn from her!

32. Nam Vo @namvo

Famous for the dewy dumpling glow, Nam Vo is a popular makeup and beauty influencer with more than 380k followers on Instagram and you can also explore her collection at

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