Everything to know about EBY Subscription Box Review 2023

If you’re looking for the best intimate wear subscription options, the EBY Subscription box is the best I tried so far! The new monthly intimates subscription service EBY empowers women through microfinance while delivering inexpensive, beautiful seamless underwear right to your home.

10% of EBY’s new sales go towards giving women startup financing for small businesses. 

Renata Black, a microfinance expert who studied under Muhammad Yunus, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, and Sofia Vergara developed this subscription (an actress, business powerhouse, & seamless undie devotee).

EBY Subscription Box Review 2023

I was delighted to find this hot pink box in my mailbox because it is certainly bold. As a (self-described quasi) feminist, I was pleased to see the affirming slogan “United We Stand In Seamless Underwear” printed inside the lid.

This review is for the $16 monthly subscription with the following preferences:

  • Step 1 [size]: Large
  • Step 2 [style group]: Briefs & Cheekies
  • Step 3 [color group]: Mixed
  • Step 4 [delivery option]: 1 Pair / $16 / Once a Month

The price is $16.00 per month for one pair and $45.00 for three pairs.

The Products: one pair of underwear each month or three pairs every three months

Shipping is free to every state and territory in the US, including Puerto Rico.

A month may be changed, canceled, or skipped at any time. Within 30 days of receiving your package, you can send them an email at seamlesssupport@join-eby.com if you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase.

Direct swaps are not permitted due to hygiene regulations, and returns are handled on a case-by-case basis. Instead, you can ask for merchandise credit to apply to a future EBY purchase.


I truly enjoy EBY’s theme of female empowerment in addition to the fact that I love the pants they sent me.

Although $16 is a bit more than I’d typically spend on a single pair of underwear, I appreciate the practical convenience of having new underwear delivered to my door every month, the high quality of the item, and the knowledge that some of the money I spend on this underwear will help other women reach their goals.

You probably won’t receive this exact pair because your profile answers will differ. You should, however, get your box around a week after signing up, so you could still receive it for the first time in February.

Lingerie Subscription EBY

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