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What is Sustainable Fashion and why is it important

Yes, I’m talking about fast-fashion brands over here. We need sustainable fashion more than anything now. But before I even get into the topic, let’s get clear about Sustainability and Fashion.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable or ethical Fashion is a concept where brands strictly design and manufacture clothes that concern and value social welfare and worker rights. These include avoiding child labor, no animal testing of products, animal cruelty, using animal fibers and leather, and much more.

Facts about Fashion Industry

Fashion is a billion-dollar industry but also one of the top pollutants of the environment, all thanks to Fast Fashion that refers mostly to disposable and cheaper fashion. They promote unethical behaviors like child labor, cheap labor, carbon emission in manufacturing units, and the production of plastic wastes. 

Fashion industry impact infographic makes case for ethical eco fashion
Fashion industry impact infographic makes case for ethical eco-fashion
  • 150 Billion new garments are being produced every year annually that have major contributions from Fast Fashion.
  • Most of the Fast Fashion clothing items are worn that has a life span of 2 months (5-10 times worn)
  • On average, a person throws 37 kg of garments as garbage.
  • Approx 1,00,000 marine animals die due to plastic waste produced by garbage dumps.
  • 150 Million trees are cut to produce a fabric that comes from tree pulps and fibers.
  • The international labor organization estimates 170 million working kids under 18.
  • A silk saree that speaks the language of Indian tradition is made by a minimum of 10k-15k silkworms to make one saree.
  • Common textiles like Polyester, viscose, and cotton emit greenhouse gases that result in Global Warming.

Does that feel good? It doesn’t feel like facts that the fashion industry should have. All of when you read, you’ll realize how much harm is already been done by these never-ending fashion brands! Having that said, Fast-fashion brands are still popular, why?

  • You see the most trendy stuff, they’re regular and very frequently updated. Zara receives a new collection twice a week, while H&M has 16 collections in a year! If we consider seasons as a reason to update our wardrobes, do have even that many seasons?
  • Fast Fashion brands are affordable. It consists of the exploitation of working laborers, low wages, below ideal work conditions, although the price must be minimal while you shop them but nobody can assure you of the quality. Polyester, Rayon, Spandex, Nylon are a few major components of fabric that result in carbon emission.
  • A few fast fashion brands that are popular are Zara, H&M, Forever 21, GAP, Topshop, Fashion nova, Primark, Urban Outfitters, etc.

So now you know why Sustainability is important and why we need sustainable brands to do great business rather than fast Fashion Brands.

As women, we know how much we love fashion. Fashion is a part of us we can not ignore on, and when we know what we love is causing such harmful repercussions, we must switch to brands that are more eco-friendly and promise quality and comfort. Let me ask you now, Are you still a fast-fashion fan?

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