10 Things You Need to Know About Alexa Chung

Born in 1983, Alexa is 38 year old.

A British writer, blogger, television presenter, internet personality, model, and fashion designer, she also wrote IT book.

She made it public in 2020 that she’s been diagnosed with a serious health condition called endometriosis.

She's an epitome of street fashion with chic silhouttes.

She's also hosted Next in Fashion on Netflix with Tan France.

Alexa Ching is very family oriented.

Alexa became an Oxfam Ambassador last year; she visited Malawi to help the charity empower women and support the few midwives working there.

Born into "the most middle-class [background] you could imagine" , I am not probably a role mpdel.

She was a contributing editor for British Vogue Even before she dreamed of becoming a model.

Alexa Chung also has a fashion label named stylized ALEXACHUNG launched in 2017.