10 Tricks Fashion Girls Use to Stay Warm in Style

1. Try Socks With Flats 

Bare ankles and exposed feet are unpleasant when it's chilly. 

2. Try a Blanket Scarf 

Tuck it around your neck or throw it over your shoulders.

3. Be a Coat Collector 

When it's freezing out, two coats are better than one. 

4. Wear a Turtleneck

Instead of adding bulk with a heavy scarf, try layering a turtleneck 

5. Top Your Tights With Socks 

If you plan on wearing skimpy shoes, do your best to cover as much leg as possible. 

6. Wear Tights Under Denim 

If you're tired of wearing basic blue jeans, it's easy to don a distressed pair without exposing too much skin. 

7. Upgrade Your Sweatshirt

Some days, all you can think about is staying cozied up in your favorite sweatshirt. 

8. Wear Pants Under a Dress 

tights just aren't enough to protect you from the cold, layer a pair of trousers, jeans.

9. Wear a Beanie Under Your Brimmed Hat 

Stop your hat from flying away in the Winter wind while keeping your ears comfortable. 

10. And When All Else Fails 

You can always pull an Anna Dello Russo and tape heat patches onto your body so you can bare it all without catching cold. 

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