American Idol contestant shuts down bullying claims against Katy Perry

Katy Perry has had it rough on American Idol this season. The judge found herself amid multiple controversies and backlash that followed. 

American Idol contestant Oliver Steele took to Instagram recently so he could clear Katy's name amid rumors of the judge leaving the famous reality show.   

Season 21 American Idol finalist Oliver Steele took to social media to defend Katy Perry against bullying rumors. The judge has been called out all season by critics for bullying the contestants. 

liver Steele took to Instagram and defended the judge. “Katy is not a bully, nor does she shame people,” Steele wrote along with two pictures of himself and Perry.  

Oliver wrote, “I remember being nervous at my audition, nervous during Hollywood week, hell even nervous throughout various points in the competition. 

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