9 Best Fashion TV Shows to Stream on Netflix

In the reality series, Haart plans fashion displays, hosts yacht parties, and brings her family to Paris Fashion Week, yet this way of life is very different from what she had been leading less than ten years earlier.

My Orthodox Life

The frantic week before a big event is chronicled in each episode of 7 Days Out, capturing the anticipation in the air and shedding light on the procedures used to plan some of the most exciting events in history.

7 days Out

Next Top Model A group of stunning individuals compete in Tyra Banks' ground-breaking reality show for a fashion spread, a modelling contract, a marketing campaign, and the distinction of being most befitting of the series' title.

America's Next Top Model

Together with his husband, interior designer Adair Curtis, the celebrity stylist—who also frequently serves as a judge on Next in Fashion—works to spruce up Hollywood.

Styling Hollybood

For his role as the title fashion designer in the film Halston, Ewan McGregor won an Emmy. The iconic figure of '70s minimalist glamour is followed through the highs and lows of his glittering career in the Ryan Murphy-produced Netflix original drama.


Enter Next in Fashion, a Netflix original fashion reality competition where 18 skilled and different designers take on a range of tasks (including the creation of red-carpet looks, streetwear and rock-inspired looks, among other themes)

Next in Fashion

Emily in Paris

Enjoying Emily during Paris Fashion Week in late September would be as fitting as any of Emily's couture gowns, but like a fresh buttery croissant, it might be hard to resist watching all year round.

The "Fab Five," a group of authorities in culture, cuisine, grooming, interior design, and, of course, fashion, continue to coach a person who has a shaky understanding of any or all of those disciplines in the current version.

Queer Eye

The Shondaland-produced smash-hit romantic series is set in the early 20th century, yet its extravagant historical attire, created by costume designers Ellen Mirojnick (Season 1) and Sophie Canale (Season 2), has had a significant influence on modern culture.


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