Best Y2k Hairstyles to Try 2023

They harken back to the ’90s and early 2000s fashion, which has been experiencing a resurgence in recent years.  

Middle Parted Wavy hair

The soft waves and the center part create a relaxed and undone vibe that is highly sought after. 

Center-Parted Long Wavy Hair

Two-toned long waves with butterfly clips allow individuals to express their creativity and showcase their personal style. 

Two-toned long waves with butterfly clips

The small, twisted buns add a touch of fun and uniqueness to the hairstyle. 

Mini Swirl Bun

The soft, flowing waves add texture and movement to the hair, giving it a relaxed and casual vibe. 

Brown Soft Wave

This allows individuals to choose the type of braid that suits their preferences and desired level of intricacy. 

Braided Pigtail

Start by smoothing your hair back using a comb and some styling gel or pomade to achieve a sleek, glossy look.

Sleek Updo

This style offers a balance between an updo and having hair down, creating a chic and versatile look.  

Half-up ponytail with antenna bang

Vintage hairstyles have made a comeback in recent years, with people embracing the elegance and timeless charm of past eras. 

Vintage Style Two Swirl Bun

The face-framing half updo is designed to frame the face and enhance your facial features.

Framing half updo

The Low Updo with Spikes adds an edgy and modern element to a classic updo. 

Framing half updo

Medium razor-cut hair is a hairstyle trend that has gained popularity for its edgy, modern, and versatile look. 

Medium Razor Cut Hair

Half Up Pigtails offer a fun and youthful look, reminiscent of childhood hairstyles. 

Half Up pigtails

Blunt bangs are characterized by a straight and even cut across the forehead, creating a bold and eye-catching look. 

Blunt Bangs

The Neat Twisted Bun is a classic and elegant hairstyle that offers a polished and sophisticated look.  

Neat Twisted Bun

The Two Half Buns with Baby Braids hairstyle combines elements of fun, youthfulness, and bohemian flair. 

Two Half buns and baby braid

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