Everything You Need to Know About Blonde Netflix

In an interview with Netflix's Queue, it was mentioned that the director's objectives were quite clear from the outset - to show a version of Marilyn Monroe's life through her lens.

He wished for everyone to know what it was really like to be Norma Jeane as well as Marilyn. That was the most audacious, unflinching, and feminist interpretation of her story that I had ever seen.

"She is profoundly traumatized, and that trauma requires a separation between a public self and a private self, which is everyone's narrative, but with a famous person,d your Text..

We hear Ana's Marilyn discuss her relationship with her "Marilyn Monroe" alter ego and clarify that, despite being on TV, she is still the actual Norma Jeane.

“Although there are insightful moments and surreal bits that pop, it’s overall a bizarre – and at nearly three hours, bloated – film that attempts to honour its subject and instead lets her down.”  USA tODAY mentioned.

According to critics, this might "turn off audiences," but it also might resurrect anti-abortion debates and unduly arouse those who may have experienced miscarriages.

In his interview with Vulture, Andrew addressed the movie's adult rating, stating that he was first startled by it, but that the plot might be read in a variety of ways and there might be scenes that offend.

It's not like how blissful sexuality is portrayed. It's representations of uncertain circumstances," he remarked.

The most alluring aspect of blonde is how it uses imagery to try to capture the aura of Marilyn. It's a relief when we can just stare because the moments with conversation are so lifeless and amateurish.