Highest Paying Fashion Jobs to Apply in 2023 

They specialize in Menswear, Womenswear, Kidswear, etc. Some of the famous Designers.

1. Fashion Designer $68,960

Well, he/she works as an assistant to a head designer and the designer works on the design collections.

2. Design Assistant $31,000

Pattern Maker works closely with Fashion designers to bring his ideas to a live garment.  

3. Pattern Maker $43,000

Their job majorly consists of making conceptual illustrations, garment designs, etc.

4. Fashion Illustrator $73,200

They take into account factors such as consumer demand, fashion trends at the time, pricing, quality, and purchasing preferences.

5. Retail Buyer $53,000

In order to create visually appealing graphics, graphic designers use their keen sense of colour and design coherence.

6. Graphic Designer $75,000

A fashion Journalist also called a Fashion editor works with fashion magazines to bring trends and fashion blogs to the readers.  

7. Fashion Journalist $68,000

A fashion Forecaster is responsible for predicting trends and colors of what upcoming years would look like.  

8. Fashion Forecaster $50,000

Most of the time a fashion photographer/filmmaker works as a freelance professional. 

9. Fashion Photographer $77,550

Fashion Stylist is a creative and artsy form of Visual representation. They work with Magazines and Ecommerce sites. 

10. Fashion Stylist $75,000

A fashion model is a canvas the stylists, photographers, designers, and filmmakers need to bring their creative imagination to life.

11. Model $44,000

A costume designer mostly works on movie sets. They are responsible to bring all the creativity to their garments. 

12. Costume Designer $100,000

Fashion Blogger is the most recent fashion designation of all. This particular fashion job can help you build a personal brand image.

13. Fashion Blogger $37,000

Retail stylist is responsible for guiding customers on the running trends and helping build their wardrobe.

14. Personal Stylist $56,000

There’s a difference between Fashion and textile designers. While a fashion designer works on cuts and silhouettes of the fabric.

15. Textile Designers $50,000

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