13 Secret to know about Iggy Azalea Life

When Iggy was growing up, she formed her own musical group with her friends and imagined that they would be the next TLC. 

Iggy was quite the rebel growing up, she often snuck out of the house and used a fake ID to go to strip clubs at just 13 years-old.  

Iggy dropped out of high school at the age of 16. She revealed in an interview with Complex that she hated.

Iggy claims that she had no friends and was teased for her homemade outfits.  

When Iggy dropped out of school, she got a job helping her mother clean hotel rooms and holiday houses.  

At the young age of 16, the Aussie starlet decided to move to the US to pursue her dreams. She packed her bags and didn’t tell her parents.

Iggy only allows certain people to title her Amethyst – “Only a VERY select group of people in my life are allowed to call me Amethyst.  

Her first big bust-up was with Azealia Banks after the 212 rapper claimed she wrote P-U-$-$-Y before the Australian star. 

Iggy’s baby-reveal was the talk of the town in June 2020, when she surprisingly revealed that she’d given birth to her baby boy called Onyx in April. 

Iggy has a whooping net worth of $6 million. While she’s been quiet on the music front for a while, a lot of this cash comes from her hit singles.

Iggy has been accused of cultural appropriation multiple times throughout her career, with many claiming she appropriates black culture in her music and image. 

When Iggy first arrived in America, she received her GED and resided in the country on a visa waiver for six years.

While Iggy only admits to having rhinoplasty and breast implants.  

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