12 Secret to know about Taylor Swift Life

If there’s one thing you should know about Taylor, it’s that once she sets her mind on something, she’s going to follow through. 

At the young age of 11, Taylor Swift won a local talent competition by covering the LeAnn Rimes song, Big Deal. 

It’s true – Taylor Swift spent most of her childhood growing up on a Christmas tree farm until the age of 14.

Taylor knows how to invest her money wisely! With her hefty pay check, she’s got onto the property ladder and invested her cash in not one, but eight properties.

Her property empire includes an estate and a house in Beverly Hills, a penthouse, townhouse and condo in New York.

From Harry Styles to John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor has covered many songs dedicated to her love.

Swiftie believes that it’s her lucky number, especially because it’s her birthday (she was born on December 13th).

Taylor Swift wanted to become a stockbroker like her father. That said, when her family moved to Tennessee.

Taylor refused to release her album, Red on the music-streaming site Spotify. After a while, she gave in.

She then counter-sued the DJ and won exactly $1 million in the lawsuit.

But T-Swift is completely obsessed with the country star and has openly spoken about the influence that Shania’s had on her music.

This Taylor Swift fact comes as a real surprise! Believe it or not, she has a framed photo of her famous feud with Kanye West.

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