13 Things to know about Lisa | Blackpink

changed her legal first name from Pranpriya to Lalisa because, according to a fortune teller, the latter name would bring her luck. Lalisa is Thai for "one who would receive accolades," therefore she decided to alter it from Pranpriya.

Her nicknames are Lalice, Laliz, Pokpak, Flying Lisa, RyeoLisa, Elephant Lisa, Jolisa, Limario, Royal Maknae, Lisa Oppa, Ponytail Rapper (in Coachella 2019)

In August 2016, she made her BLACKPINK debut at the age of 19. She put in 5 years, 3 months of training.

She is trypanophobia, meaning she is petrified of needles, to the point that she passed out when getting immunizations with Rosé.

She is described as BLACKPINK's happy pills.

She appeared in BigBang Taeyang's MV called Ringa Linga along with WINNER Mino and Taehyun and iKON B.I. and Bobby in 2014.

She's YG's first non-Korean artist.

Her bandmates claimed that Lisa likes to spend her money a lot and treats them 'like meat' when she has money.

Her dream job when she was younger was to either be a flight attendant or dance teacher.

 She 50/50 believes in fortune telling.

Her favorite Korean dish is Gamjatang, her favorite Japanese dish is Tempura and her favorite Thai dish is Pad Ka Pow.

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