10 Things You Didn’t Know About Melissa Roxburgh

Melissa was born in Canada but her father was born in Chicago and this makes her a dual citizen.   

She started getting interested in Acting after graduating. She started auditioning for roles in Vancouver.

If her career as an actress did not work out, then she probably would have become a journalist as she has studied for communication.

She was cast in a lead role in Bloodlines which was a spin-off of the CW series Supernatural.

She visited countries all over the world such as Africa, Eastern Europe, and South America as her family was traveling on air missions mostly

Her mother was a tennis player and this meant that she has grown up with a love of the sport.

She told Elite Daily that she is keen to know how all the mysteries in Manifest will come to be solved.

As well as forming her own theories, she likes to know what everyone else is thinking about the show.

Backstage reported that Josh Dallas has been able to give her a lot of advice about working as an actor.

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