What makes you angry according to your  zodiac sign

Even though your cool demeanor frequently gives the impression that you have put things behind you, it's really just a means for you to vent your disappointment in how the world has let you down.

You tend to ignore what is upsetting you for the longest time because you are not one to give in to your emotions. When you finally give way to your feelings, your wrath manifests as a chilly indifference that might make hell ice over.

Your battles are all about the drama because you're one of the zodiac signs with the strongest emotional intelligence; those on the receiving end should be prepared for receipts to be dredged up from every prior argument, disagreement, and difference of opinion.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that you aren't one to sugarcoat your feelings as the forceful ram is your astrological sign. Your fury is easily sparked, yet it flares up just as quickly.

If you don't realise this, you can receive the full silent treatment until you speak up and take responsibility for your alleged transgressions.

Geminis love to communicate, which transfers into your triggers and coping mechanisms for anger. Your friends may avoid you because of your impulsive tantrums and emotional breakdowns, but this is how you deal with your emotions and process your feelings.

Your favourite method of communication is passive aggression, in contrast to some people who deal with their irritations aggressively.

Leos are known for having a notoriously bad temper and are not the most patient people when it comes to being told what to do or hearing other people's comments on their lives.

Perfectionists at heart, Virgos prefer order and neatness in their lives, and upsetting this balance could land you in their bad books for life.

If you dislike conflict, you might still be harbouring all of your old resentments. To fully go on, you sometimes need to confront the feelings you've been holding inside so they don't suddenly explode in an ugly outburst.

You might be able to ignore those who are trying to take advantage of you, but you are less tolerant of people who harm your loved ones.

Sagittarius can be your best friend and your worst enemy. While their temper can blow fiery, they flame out just as quickly and are likely to regret impulsively unfriending you when they wake up the next morning.