Saturn in Pisces 2023: Meaning & How will it affect all Zodiac Signs 

For the first time since the early 1990s, Saturn, the father planet, will leave its native Aquarius on March 7, 2023, and go skinny dipping in Pisces. Saturn, a malefic planet once believed to be the last planet in the solar system, is connected to limitations, endings, tough love, and difficult lessons.

Well, Change is coming!

The Roman god of time, agriculture, and renewal who is frequently seen holding a sickle in his hand and an errant party tit out of his toga is the inspiration for Saturn.

When we examine how the earth affects our lives and the adage that “you reap what you sow,” this tool makes sense.

Saturn is the planet of hard work, stern love, and much-needed reality checks in astrology. All zodiac signs benefit from their guiding cosmic presence, which makes it a major issue when it shifts signs every few years.

It teaches them how to conquer challenges, fortify their limits, and become stronger from their struggles.

When Is Saturn in Pisces 2023?

Saturn will pass through Pisces, the mutable water sign represented by the fish, from March 7, 2023, to May 24, 2025, and then once more from August 31, 2025, to February 13, 2026, owing to a retrograde.

Saturn Is Making a Significant Shift Post-Covid in 2023

While Pisces is a mutable water sign famed for its imaginative idealism and emotional free-spiritedness, Saturn’s stern reality checks can feel a touch unsettling when filtered through its dreamily tinted waves.

Yet over the next years, accepting the realities of what is possible is preferable to becoming caught in a fantasy, no matter how delightful it may have appeared at the time. 

Saturn in Pisces might be taking the rose-colored glasses off our faces, but it’ll also offer us the discipline and concentration we need to transform our airy, fleeting daydreams into something that will remain.

How Saturn in Pisces Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

This is how Saturn in Pisces will affect different zodiac signs:


You naturally act on your most irrational inclinations, Aries. Nevertheless, can you make out your inner voice above the roar of your passions? Saturn wants you to focus on yourself over the coming years to develop your intuition.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are ending some significant karmic cycles and releasing yourself from spiritual debt. This is intense internal labor! 

The subtle soul-level changes you’re going through might be hard to put into words, but processing them on your own or with a therapist can be liberating.

Even when living life in the fast lane is calling your name, put your peace of mind first and take steps to protect it.

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Taurus, you already appreciate the value of your time, but soon you may find yourself being pickier about the plans you make and the people you associate with.

During the next three years, Saturn will be in your house of community and friendships, which will cause you to reexamine your social life and possibly narrow your group.

Now is the moment to start creating that kind of community in your life, even if you have to start from scratch. 

It’s crucial to surround yourself with individuals who motivate you to be your best self and a team who is supportive of your goals and aspirations. If a crew or cause doesn’t fit your vibe, don’t waste your time on it.

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Gemini, it’s time to take your career seriously and leave imposter syndrome at the door. In the next years, the foundation for a significant rise in your professional life will be laid, thanks to Saturn’s entry into your tenth house of public exposure.

But that doesn’t automatically mean that your empire will grow. You’re learning to be honest about both your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you assume your position as an authority figure. 

While your fluid and airy energy provide you the advantage of Gemini’s quick thinking, taking your time now can help you lay a more deliberate basis for your future professional life.

After all, big success rarely happens suddenly! You’ll feel much more entrenched and assured by the transit’s finish.

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Be prepared to completely reassess what you once considered to be your essential convictions, Cancer. Throughout the next years, Saturn will be transiting your ninth house of philosophy, which might spark some major paradigm adjustments and perspective checks.

For a sentimental water baby like you, it can be difficult to let go of previous beliefs, but doing so will enable you to create a more complex and compelling point of view. Don’t undervalue your sage advice!

It might also be time to get serious and finish earning that diploma or professional certification you’ve been putting off, or to start studying something completely different.

Concentrate on advancing your education or acquiring experience in a field that has personal significance for you. You’ll navigate the environment differently by the transit’s conclusion.

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Leo, it’s time to deal with all the skeletons you’ve swept into your closet. You’ll be especially aware of things in your life that make you feel dependent or out of control because Saturn will be transiting one of the most vulnerable sections of your chart.

This could be a relationship that is emotionally draining and weighing on your heart or a debt that is draining your bank account. 

Make it a point to be honest with yourself about your relationships, entanglements, and power struggles and to confront these delicate topics head-on, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. Setting clear limits will help you begin to shed some surface-level baggage.

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Virgo, get ready to be honest about interpersonal dynamics and desires because the coming years could make or destroy your relationships. It’s time to start deciding who and what you want to commit to, both professionally and personally.

You might wish to raise the bar for your relationships with others or set a challenge for yourself to be more assertive and accountable for your activities. 

While you’re dating, you’ll likely be pickier about your partners and look for greater stability. If you’re in a relationship, don’t be shocked if you deepen your connection and enter a more serious phase during this transit.

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It’s time for you to re-energize and get organized Libra. Now that Saturn has entered your health and maintenance sector, prioritizing your mind, body, and spirit connection is undoubtedly a must.

Your task will be to strike a balance between leading a healthy lifestyle and your regular obligations. 

It’s crucial to eliminate any unneeded and stressful activities from your schedule as you learn how to better take care of yourself.

Right now, you don’t have time for Bullshit! Thus, keep in mind that your well-being comes first no matter how busy life gets. 

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Scorpio, you have a creative soul by nature, and Saturn is making sure you use it well during the coming few years.

It’s time to become more diligent with your passion projects and get rid of whatever reluctance you may have to express yourself honestly.

It takes more than just a mystically elusive spark of inspiration to bring something new to life and truly shine your light into the world; it also takes perseverance, focus, and a powerful voice. 

Concentrate on growing your self-confidence and overcoming any impostor syndrome issues that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

It may be difficult to overcome these restrictions, but there is a greater reward on the other side of this transit.

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Saturn will be snuggling up in your home and family sector during the next several years, making its presence impossible to avoid (sorry!).

As a result, you may need to fight the Sagittarian inclination to cope with issues by fleeing off into the sunset.

It can be necessary for you to step up for family members and take care of your matters when domestic responsibilities suddenly take priority.

Also, this period may bring up ingrained attachments or difficult childhood memories. 

You might feel the desire to live in a smaller home or adopt a more minimalist lifestyle on a more tangible level.

The freedom your wild heart craves can be achieved by getting rid of unnecessary clutter and decreasing your load, whether it is emotional or physical.

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Saturn is your ruling planet, Capricorn, so you are accustomed to its stern and serious nature.

But, for the next few years, your ringed ruler will be in your chart’s communication sector, making you more likely to feel critical of your thoughts or self-conscious about how you communicate with others.

Push through the discomfort! Slowly, you’re developing your distinctive voice and engaging with the world more deeply. 

It’s a good thing that you could notice that you are a little bit pickier about what you say, how you say it, and who you share it with. You’ll be able to communicate with a lot more authority and assurance by the end of this transit. 

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Saturn, the supremely responsible planet, has been in your sign for the previous few years, training you to take yourself more seriously. Saturn is your traditional cosmic ruler, Aquarius.

But right now, you need to pay attention to your resources and learn some lessons about how to maximize what you have.

Making a budget and beginning your financial future planning is crucial if you have been careless or frivolous with your spending in the past. 

You’ll be particularly concerned about security right now, so get in touch with your essential beliefs and decide how you want to spend your time, money, and energy. 

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Being tough-loved is what Saturn is all about, which isn’t always enjoyable for a fantasy-loving cosmic fish like you, Pisces.

Nevertheless, you’ll have to kiss any sugarcoating goodbye as the ringed planet makes its first appearance in your sign in over three decades.

You’re going to go through a truly transformative experience over the following few years as you become more in tune with your truth and yourself than ever before. 

Get ready to uncover the truth beneath your identity’s surface by removing its layers.

But, going through so much personal change at once can make you feel alone and as though you’re outgrowing your surroundings. Despite this, have faith in the process and keep in mind that growing pains pass.

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