Why Are Sagittarius Considered So Lucky?

Sagittarius is one of the more optimistic zodiac signs we know. Jupiter’s ninth sign, where they were born, is one of the luckiest signs, so whether or not you intend it, luck tends to be on their side. 

You are incredibly self-assured in all you do. Therefore, don’t be afraid to take one, two, or even three risks if the opportunity arises. 

Additionally, they have no intention of losing, and this positive outlook is what draws people to you. This makes Sagittarius considered lucky in many senses.

Sagittarians are more passionate, intelligent, and philosophical than their clownish energy might suggest. They enjoy feeling liberated and dislike restrictions, rules, and timetables. 

They simply enjoy doing what they enjoy doing when they feel like it. They are by nature wanderers, explorers, and free spirits.

Sagittarius personality traits

Ruled by Jupiter, they are unfiltered, which makes them impulsive, impolite, sincere, funny, and difficult. You already know all about this if you know a Sagittarian!

1. Adventurous

They enjoy the feeling of the wind on their fur and the prospect of a fresh horizon on their map. It’s all great fun. On the other hand, if you’re collaborating with them, residing with them, or attempting to form concrete plans with them… It can be difficult to meet this urge for freedom.

Perfect travel and weekend buddies, challenging work colleagues, and nesting partners.

2. Independent 

Sags continually follow their agenda and are unwilling to make concessions when it comes to things they didn’t first come up with, plan, or agree to. They’ll do what they’re doing whether you like it or not, so you can only really rely on them when your priorities and plans coincide.

3. Honest

Sagittarius have #nofilter.They will express what others genuinely believe but would never dare to voice out loud. Ask a Sagittarius if you want an honest assessment. However, you’d better be certain that you want the complete, unadulterated truth because that’s what you’ll receive.

Reasons Why Are Sagittarius Considered So Lucky

Sagittarius has connections to Greek mythology, and the tale illustrates the sacrifice necessary to get through suffering and adversity.

The centaur Chiron, who taught Achilles archery, is a symbol of Sagittarius. Chiron had an infected wound that was venom-poisoned, incurable, and excruciatingly painful. 

Zeus handed him the constellation Sagittarius in exchange for his sacrifice of immortality, which he had previously held.

Sagittarius personality traits

1. The Planet Jupiter rules

Because Jupiter rules this sign, Sagittarius has some luck. A person is born under a lucky star if Jupiter is in Sagittarius at the time of their birth. 

When these two come together, one can experience good fortune as opposed to just luck.

A Sagittarius will be honest while expressing their thoughts and emotions. Additionally, a Sagittarius is someone you can trust to tell the world about you in any other way.

2. They get far within their career creatively

Sagittarius can think creatively, and because of how contagious their excitement and energy are, they make excellent team players. 

They can readily pick on a project and run with it. Sagittarians can excel in professions requiring imaginative thinking. 

Sagittarius frequently has the impression that everything is okay, no matter what the situation. If allowed flexibility and freedom, individuals can advance significantly in the workplace. 

3. Their friendships tend to flourish

Maybe Sagittarius is so fortunate because they have excellent karma. Because Sagittarius always tells the truth, they may offend some people, but the cosmos sees them as a new start.

A Sagittarius’s extroverted nature aids friendships in every manner. A Sagittarius has a detached friendliness that results from greeting people without any preconceptions. 

Because they cast a wide net and include everyone, this enables a Sagittarius to quickly develop friends with many individuals.

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