Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely to Cheat in 2023

Every person in a relationship has different wants. While for some, commitment is all about being dependable and loyal, for others, it’s about being unable to control their endless needs and wants and the need for various fuels to slake their passion.

The latter group is most likely to be disloyal. They deliberately maintain having extramarital affairs, and it might be difficult to tell whether they are seeing more than one partner at a time or just one. 

There are different ways people behave and these differences can also be based on their personalities.

While some like to draw attention to the male zodiac signs, the truth is that both of them are perfectly capable of being unfaithful. 

Despite the reason for the infidelity, it hurts to be cheated on, especially after you fall in love, because it makes you leery of future relationships and makes it difficult to open up as much because you don’t want to be wounded again.

Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely to Cheat & Unfaithful

According to a study, Libra, Gemini, and Capricorn are the signs most prone to cheat on their partners while Scorpio is the most dependable.

Now, not everyone who falls into a certain astrological category will cheat, and not everyone born under the signs that are less likely to cheat will end up doing so.

Yet, it appears that some zodiac signs are more susceptible to temptations than others, and examining the stars more closely can help us better understand why.


As Libras love to flirt, many people are initially afraid to start partnerships with them. And perhaps their reluctance is justified.

Even though you might expect the flirtation to stop once Libra enters a serious relationship, it continues. Even though it’s typically innocuous, it can sometimes go too far.

Due to their excessive emotional dependence on their mate, Librans constantly have an empty, hazy sense from the inside. Most likely, they will cheat only to fill the emotional void left by their existing relationship.

Because they are skilled at defusing tense circumstances, Librans make excellent liars and will undoubtedly convince you to believe their lies. 

This sign’s inhabitants are kind and fun. They have always attracted attention for their naughty demeanor, and as a result, they never hesitate to repeatedly cheat on their partners.

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Gemini is very needy in a relationship, so if you can’t give her around-the-clock attention, she’ll find someone who can.

Gemini women can be pretty indecisive so she likes to have options, and if there’s still something you’re giving her that she wants to keep around, she’ll keep you around to get it.

Geminis are frequently tempted to walk and experiment by their laid-back personalities. Their impulsive characteristics commit them to foolish choices, making them have a hard time making commitments. 

Due to their tendency to be a little unsure, they frequently keep one hand’s distance from their companion.

Because of their dynamism and varied modality, people born under this zodiac sign occasionally engage in double-dealing with their partners.

In terms of zodiac signs who aren’t loyal, Gemini is most likely to cheat if she wants it all, and one or two partners can’t give her that. Who is to say that she won’t go out to find a third?


Arians are known for having strong, emotional emotions, yet occasionally they can also act hastily and rashly. These beings put themselves first in their lives, therefore they will do anything to satiate their desires. 

They continue to look for other companions despite having a strained relationship, and they can lie without thinking about the repercussions.

They wouldn’t be hesitant to flirt if they had their hearts set on someone. They don’t mind if you cheat a few times.

When you are near the aforementioned zodiac signs, try to stay awake and engaged. Their innocent looks and cute appearances can fool anyone, yet their hearts are full of subliminal and manufactured emotions.


Capricorns, being practical and logical, think that long-term romantic partnerships can eventually become monotonous.

Their clandestine playful spirits are constantly on the move, protecting themselves from the dull vibes, which encourages them to experiment with their relationships.

They get a reputation for isolating their relationships because of their mysterious and reclusive persona.

Capricorn wants to get the most out of her relationships, and she has very clear expectations for them. She is therefore seeking fulfillment, assistance, stability, and perhaps even status.

Because finding all of this in a mate can be challenging when she does, she won’t be the kind to take a chance on losing it.

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